photo 12799051_791498517622391_4023443908133039375_n_zpsb5onicqv.jpg
 photo 13230310_10153454835312175_7639126397545674333_n_zps6pjduiuk.jpg

A few days ago, I joined the Top-off ceremony of Smart Condominium. Brokers, Agents, and Potential Clients also joined this event to know more about this Korean luxury style condominium. 

 photo 13244644_10153454833332175_4528994892778015482_n_zpsqp5z0igq.jpg

Smart Condominium is a state-of-the-art residences using the latest advancements in home automation and proven technologies for your ultimate comfort and convenience. It is situated very near Pueblo Golf Course, Xavier Estates, SM City and Xavier University. 

 photo 13240766_10153454833102175_6800424571653103690_n_zpshnzwnnl7.jpg 

It possesses a beautiful sky garden and swimming pool located at the penthouse level for your rest and leisure needs. It is indeed The Art of Smart Living, Affordable luxury at its best and a worth of investment of  your money!

  photo 13260059_10153454837977175_5121150500040441293_n_zpshf8kvhu6.jpg 

Here are 11 Logical Reasons to Invest and Live in Smart Condominium: 

1. Smart Security - it has key-card access to floor levels to individual condo units. 

2. Smart safety- full automated fire alarms and control systems. 

3. Smart Ownership - Condominium certificate of titles 

4. Smart location - uptown area, flood free and milder temperature 

5. Smart Lifestyle - Party area, sky garden and swimming pool at the roof deck. 

6. Smart Investment - Accelerated price appreciation and substantial rental revenue 

7. Smart Health and Recreation - Access to Pueblo Golf course and Xavier Sports and Country Club 

8. Smart Entertainment - Full high definition cable television 

9. Smart Energy - 100% LED lighting and solar lamps for outdoor areas 

10. Smart Communication - video intercom and ultra high speed data transmission capabilities 

11. Smart Automation - State-of-the-art technology for home and kitchen automation.

 photo 13256407_10153454835852175_7421646104340147390_n_zps3wgsbcyf.jpg 

For more information, call 088-855-0527 or visit their website @
 photo 13245254_10153454861312175_5658535355059423486_n_zpsqbqvxsws.jpg

Smart Communication Inc. invited us to join this awesome event as Smart Bro kicks off nationwide tour with the best deal offer of P888 Pocket WiFi here in CDO. 

 photo 13220879_10153454860592175_4141399064217711317_n_zps0ocwpyuk.jpg  

We were joined by the celebrity beauty queens, MJ Lastimosa and Bea Rose Santiago who are certified "BRO-kadas"

Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi is here and it's now easy to get! Yes, it's easy because it is offered at a very affordable price for only P888! 

What's more in store? It is preloaded with 150MB, connect up to 10 devices and it is best paired with SurfMax85. SurfMax 85 gives 2 days of all-day Internet up to 800MB. More on SurfMax here:

Yay! Isn't that the hottest deal this summer? #SmartBro888 is indeed a  perfect summer essential to share your memories and  holiday experiences  with your family and friends anytime, anywhere.

More information of the product here:

·     Product details:
4G Pocket WiFi SRP: P888
Preload: 150MB valid for 30 days
Speed: Up to 12 Mbps
Connections: up to 10 devices
Benefits of a Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi:
·         WiFi for sharing - Share one Internet connection among family and friends so you can all surf together.
·         Multi-gadget connection - Connect your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and more! Your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi can provide WiFi to up to 10 of your devices.
·         Mobility - Bring Internet connection anywhere you go so you’re always online.
·         Powered by the largest broadband connection - Enjoy ultra-fast speeds powered by multiple cell sites all over the country.
*Best paired with SurfMax 85All day surfing up to 800MB/day, valid for 2 days. Subscribe to Surfmax85  via Smart Online Store:

So, what are you waiting for? Get these Hottest/Best deal this summer from Smart Bro today!

Get the Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi 888 via Smart online store here!


 photo 6718_10153160082377175_16525700993590868_n_zpsxzw9py4x.jpg  
Craving for Pizza? 

Well, here's a pizza place to go that my family and I had discovered and it's considered as one of the Top Pizzerias in CDO!

  photo 1914753_10153320232592175_7099459038994309163_n_zpsklcmzqtz.jpg 

When my mom and my stepdad spent their holiday with us a few weeks ago, one of the things that we love to do is to eat, eat and eat! Yes, we love food trippin'! and because of that, when my stepdad craved for some pizza, I've introduced Oliver's Pizza to them. (My stepdad is a Swiss guy so he knows what the real  Italian pizza tastes like).

  photo 10271481_10153320231252175_1835139182962543261_n_zpsljg2gq9v.jpg 

It was our first time to visit the pizza place and tasted their incredibly delicious pizza and boy! It never failed our expectations! It tastes really good! 

 photo 1004472_10153320237227175_9186659859587775215_n_zpsglbv6qxm.jpg talking with the very friendly and accommodating owner himself, Mr. Oliver :) 

What makes Oliver's Pizza different from the others is that it uses the wood-fired brick oven in baking which gives an authentic taste of Italian cuisine. It's all natural and it's all made with fresh ingredients!

  photo 996995_10153320237332175_6956883025970904739_n_zpsfzxrdwrq.jpg  photo 1184933_10153320230922175_3884885547426270655_n_zpsftac5lz5.jpg  photo 1914747_10153320232832175_3051158073382332438_n_zpsvqk4x1gu.jpg  photo 1610981_10153320232652175_8568726879940005233_n_zpsx1tqpdza.jpg  
You should not miss the Margherita, Vegetarian, Alfredo’s and try many other flavors as well! :)

 photo 10509756_10153320237112175_9212647721027368091_n_zpslkcagcqr.jpg 

Oliver’s Pizza is located Door 106, Great Spot Arcade, J.R. Borja Extension next to The Wine Cellar (also owned by Oliver’s). Open Tuesdays to Sundays 4 pm - 11pm. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go have your pizza today at Oliver's Pizza! ^_^

 photo 1625782_10153320234002175_7180926668418101383_n_zpsjgctmppn.jpg
 photo 1004_10153160081842175_3851651115111395739_n_zpsubai636d.jpg

Last Christmas, our group the CDO Bloggers held our Christmas Party at Boy Zugba. It was my first time to dine-in at this one-of-a-kind restaurant and I got hooked by it simply because they serve good food, it has a cool ambiance and they have a great customer service as well. Thank you so much Boy Zugba for sponsoring our food and venue. We all had a fun and great night! :)

Located along Corrales Avenue right beside Pit Stop, the restaurant has taken up to a whole new level of being tasty and delicious. The food was delectable, tasty and highly recommended for your friends, family, classmates and co-workers. 

Their bestsellers include the Chicken Inasal, Chicken BBQ and their Bandihadong Karne composed of their Pork Barbecue, Pork Liempo and their Chorizo with a twist of having cheese inside with the meat. ( This is one of my fave!)

  photo 10320281_10153320233112175_867713620280493887_n_zpsuavbay2l.jpg 

Funny lines of either bisaya jokes or ‘hugot’ lines, surrounds the whole place from the menu list to the back of the shirts of the servers that will definitely add up to the whole Bisaya experience. 

 photo 10371740_10153320238262175_5321847652599620548_n_zpsop2gkxuj.jpg

What's even more exciting about Boy Zugba is that they have a boodle meals for the whole family, friends, or even for yourself only!

   photo 1915656_10153320237017175_1636744051711037825_n_zpsvktym5ug.jpg  photo 1931063_10153320233297175_8487503367965440141_n_zps1tj5dp8v.jpg   photo 10629698_10153320238102175_5158067526920571811_n_zpspczq65ed.jpg  photo 1915460_10153320237962175_2165569208762857693_n_zpsrh5yeqm6.jpg 

My family and I really enjoyed eating the delicious and authentic grilled Filipino foods at Boy Zugba! Once you’ve tasted their grilled specialties, you’ll surely come back for more. They serve mouth-watering dishes that don’t only look good but definitely taste good as well! 

So come and visit Boy Zugba today to satisfy your “sinugba” cravings! 

Finally, after a month of my blogging hiatus, I am now back on track through blogging. We had a family holiday for a month that's why I wasn't able to do some updates. Okay, so let's start first during our holiday in Manila. 

 photo 12088176_10153335442787175_2081224473290140372_n_zpsc5msofd9.jpg 

We stayed in Manila for three days at California Garden Square Condominium in Mandaluyong City. It was actually my first time to stay in a condo and guess what? It never failed my expectations. It is such an exciting new place of comfortable family living. It is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens which gives a relaxing mood and excites the family in exploring the vicinity of the surroundings. 

 photo 12140684_10153335447042175_7422710739070917053_n_zpsd8tftsoq.jpg 

Located at a very convenient place and easy to reach destinations ,it can easily take to any point of Makati whether a school, hospital, shopping center, malls, markets, churches, restaurants and gimmick centers wanted to reach. Just a minute from the place, and here they are just a step away. It is also near the MRT III stations, where public transportation is a must to anyone living in an urban area. 

 photo 12234905_10153335445432175_6797781392889118091_n_zpscpvouzjg.jpg 

California Garden Square has 19 towers and 22 storey residential building to choose from. I noticed that it was thoughtfully planned and built, that is why many residential units are thankful and happy for the developer who manages to protect them as well as giving them the luxury life they need, in a very affordable price. 

 photo 1557729_10153335442352175_628537913552889810_n_zpsmbpj8edb.jpg our living room 

 photo 6161_10153335446602175_6850880662563383115_n_zpsjwob184n.jpg the bedroom 

 photo 1014088_10153329460947175_6679154112733626011_n_zpsirtgu91f.jpg kitchen area 

California Garden Square Condo Features and Amenities includes: convenience shops, restaurants, cafes, beauty salon, swimming pool, clubhouse and landscaped garden,car park building, fitness gym, High-speed elevators for each cluster, Parking at ground floor level, Controlled access to residential areas Security counter for 24-hour security check.

  photo 940929_10153335443602175_7709162288603455894_n_zpsui98l6zk.jpg 

What could be more satisfying than to have everything you need within easy reach. Yes, everything you need from grooming to gourmet- you can find it all in here. That's why we love to stay here! 

California Garden Square is indeed an extraordinary place for metropolitan living, a harmony of modern designs of condominium, and it adds refreshing sights to the view of the place. It is a charming urban garden deep in the middle of the city. Living in a place like California Garden Square is definitely a lifestyle to live in.

 photo DSC_0107_zpsaom2u6hx.jpg

This is indeed an event like no other! It is a treat for all students and young people in Cagayan de Oro City, neighboring cities and municipalities. With over 16,000 youths gathered together for the first round last March 04, 2016. They had rocked the city with Energy, Fun, Music and Transformation! 

 photo 12832442_10153283027817175_1136774429455298307_n_zpsmh9r5cyx.jpg

We are blessed to be part of this historic event because we still believe that "Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Ating Bayan." Thus, this event aims to stir up the passion in the hearts of our youth. This is about taking the time and generation to stand up for our nation. We believe that one day, the youth of today will become leaders of tomorrow. 

With that, we change the campus, we change the city and challenge every young people to say "NO TO DRUGS" and "YES TO GOD" for their better future.We are targeting 5,000 to 16,000 or more participants coming from different schools and sectors here in our city. 

 photo 12802944_10153283027967175_688228452982350521_n_zpstcjgcae2.jpg

To those who missed this event, there's still Round 3, 4 and 5! It will be on March 18, March 23, April 01, 2016 from 5pm to 8pm, at Limketkai Parking Lot D, Cagayan de Oro City. ‪ So, are you ready for Round 3?! It just keeps on getting better! If you had a great time from the previous rounds, for sure you would dare not miss the CdO Youthfest Round 3 this Friday, March 18, 5PM at the Limketkai Parking Lot. 

 photo 1622059_541645886016862_6853274425520173598_n_zpsulhqq7zn.jpg  

Don't dare miss the Round 3 of Cagayan de Oro Youthfest for we will be featuring QUEST.Wohooooo!!! Bring your classmates and friends for this will be a night like no other! 

For tickets and other inquiries, you may contact me at this number: 09355546493 or email me at: 

See you there! ^_^  

You may or may not know this, but electric guitar has the potential to make or break your worship set. However, It is becoming a very common theme to have leaders allowing guitar players to show up and simply play or do whatever they want. I’m finding that the root of this is that many of us just don’t know the first thing about electric guitar to give them any direction.

In my opinion, drums, bass, keys, and vocals are the essentials for a band. However the electric guitars such as signature electric guitar when played right, are what’s going to take your sound to another level. Not everyone is an electric guitarist, but many of us are called to lead them. So what do we do and how do we do it? 

There's a run down of the essential things you need to know about electric guitar in order to effectively nurture the electric guitar and band relationship. So how do you as a leader make sure that happens? To take it a step farther, name one great worship band that is known for soloing!? Hillsong, nope. Jesus Culture, nope. Bethel, nope. Chris Tomlin, nope. The list goes on. Soloing is distracting for worshipers and it does virtually nothing to add to the atmosphere of worship.

If a guitarist is soloing, he is doing nothing to make the band sound full. Most of the time, guitar players use soloing as a cop out because they don’t actually know that parts to the song.Gospel music being the main exception here. Even then, just don’t overdo it. And many times, making the song “your own” is important as well. However, always start with a base of playing it like the original, then move on from there. 

 photo DSC_0770_zpstavhhmro.jpg 

One of the most unforgettable experience we had when we stayed in Manila for almost a week was the dinner cruise at Manila Bay together with my family. It was our first time and we really enjoyed the night while cruising and dining together. I first heard about this dinner cruise from a blogger friend who also shared her experience so while we were in Manila, we grab the opportunity to experience it as well. :) 

 photo DSC_0768_zps5cimg9pu.jpg 

I made the reservation online through email and paid the tickets for a dinner buffet at Sun Cruises Esplanade Seaside Terminal. The price was pretty affordable, you can have it for only Php 650 per person for this particular package. 

 photo DSC_0755_zpspnpwgggu.jpg 

The package inclusions are: 
1 hour and 30 minutes cruises along Manila Bay 
 Romantic serenade on board 
Buffet dinner 
Table Allocation at the upper deck 

 photo DSC_0767_zps8okzkwmy.jpg 

Sun Cruises delivers this extraordinary experience with its cruise ferry, M/V Spirit of Manila. We are awed with lights of SM Mall of Asia by night as the cruise takes us across the Manila Bay for an hour of night time spectacle. 

 photo DSC_0772_zpsivpenthq.jpg 

It provides memorable dinner cruise service to Filipinos and tourists alike. 

 photo DSC_0777_zpstukdwwyh.jpg  photo DSC_0778_zpsnnmdnivs.jpg  photo DSC_0820_zpsfucljdsq.jpg 

The dinner cruise also includes live entertainment from an acoustic band that adds to a more relaxing and romantic atmosphere. 

 photo DSC_0817_zps3emec7ti.jpg 

The entire menu includes soup and a main meal of rice, some veggies, one viand and some desserts. Beverages are no included in the menu so prepare to shell out a few more bucks for soft drinks, bottled water, and juice. 

 photo DSC_0823_zpsgh7ucomh.jpg  photo DSC_0865_zpsyrpnvwwh.jpg 

Sights From afar, we have seen the whole of Manila Bay, all the city lights, tall buildings, and other ferries that were sailing during that night. I can say that this was a wonderful experience. We really enjoyed the entire tour   and  the view was indeed breathtaking so we captured as many photos as we can. 

 photo DSC_0792_zpsm4blpl48.jpg 

I bet that everyone will surely love to see the waves, all the lights and be serenaded by a live band in this one of a kind tour on board by Sun Cruises. Traversing Manila Bay for over an hour with music and a romantic dinner was magnificent! The reflection of the lights from SM Mall of Asia was awesome. 

 photo DSC_0868_zpss0u5iemd.jpg  photo DSC_0790_zpsbrw7hxsh.jpg 

I would definitely recommend this cruise experience to everyone especially to the couples out there who is planning to have a date or celebrate any special occasion.

 photo DSC_0887_zpsnqiakq1s.jpg  photo DSC_0892_zpsui84mpi4.jpg  

The Manila Bay Dinner Cruise was indeed an unforgettable experience. So, be sure to include it on your list of top to talk about-and-share family experiences.

For more inquiries and reservations, call (632) 834-6857 to 58 or 527-5555. You can also check out their website at