The first and the newest laser tag combat zone is now in CDO! 

 photo 11168473_751860078267542_2612876908258122122_n_zps4mzmibei.jpg

If you are not familiar with this game, it is actually a team sport and recreational activity where players attempt to score points by shooting and tagging opponents, just like air soft and paintball but it uses a laser gun. 

 photo 11052390_768939159892967_3008344375496207258_n_zpsk45apvgf.jpg

The thrill and fun in playing Laser Tag is really awesome! That's why you really have to try it for yourself and find out what the fuss is all about. They are still on soft opening so they still have some improvement plans in store in the coming months.

 photo 10320262_768939109892972_3921922820796286252_n_zpsrjus0tna.jpg

Laser Blast is located at the 3rd floor of UHRHC Building just at the back Corpus Christi High School in Macasandig here in Cagayan de Oro City.

  photo 1511017_768939106559639_3236582126411956042_n_zpspjyvdtdv.jpg

Their Promo Rate is P150/person/game. Game time is 15 minutes. 

 photo 11150731_768939186559631_5489046548975736247_n_zpsxuylwzf4.jpg 


Sunday to Wednesday - 10am to 8pm 
Thursday to Saturday- 10am to 9pm 

 photo 11222628_768939149892968_7880584446783587563_n_zps2qymjq88.jpg 

 all photos from Laser Blast

For booking or reservations , you may contact them at 0917-6761773 during office hours. 

So, what are you waiting for? 


 photo 11303522_1175355732481091_882630396_n_zpsbh8mkdwh.jpg

Last May 16, 2015, I was invited to witness the Skim Boarding Competition dubbed as "Shore Breaks" which was hosted by Cagayan de Oro’s leading resort hotel, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel.

  photo 11257629_1175355742481090_1882672461_n_zpsf4ixlgi4.jpg

The competition was divided into two categories. The Kids category from 7 to 15 years old and adult category from 16 years old and above. All the skimmers showed off their skim boarding skills that ran from morning 7am until 6pm. 

 photo 11119772_1175355739147757_1468100567_n_zps5fpyibuf.jpg

The event was created in order to promote the sport to Northern Mindanao and provides opportunities to the youth to actively engage in programs and activities which upholds the quality of life. It also create and develop an understanding of the importance of sport in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle and to persevere in order to achieve success. 

 photo 11263716_1175355722481092_1864196431_n_zps23o1c2e8.jpg

Skim-boarding or skimming is board-sport similar to surfing which takes place near the shore and uses a skimboard in order to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming, breaking wave, shorebreak, and ride it back to shore. 

 photo 11355477_1175355712481093_338841010_n_zps4hjz4uac.jpg

Kids Category: 

Champion – Lester De Rosal 
1st Place – Luther Uban, Jr. 
2nd Place – Crismar Lariosa 

Adult Category: 

Champion – Arnel dela Cruz 
1st Place – Kenny Egam 
2nd Place – Christian Quitat 

 photo 11291750_1175355715814426_800701873_n_zps63oldxhq.jpg

 all photo credits from Mr. Clement Dampal

The First and Second Placers of each categories received an Overnight Superior Accommodation with breakfast for 2 persons and complimentary tickets for the Infinity and Sea horse-shaped pools, Cash, Certification and customized Trophy. While Winners will get a new and customized Skim-board with all the above-mentioned prizes. 

This event is brought to you by Mindanao Daily News, Business Week Mindanao, Mindanao Star, Cagayan Times, Clix, and Easy Rock 96.9 FM and of course hosted by Apple Tree Resort and Hotel which is located in Opol, Misamis Oriental. 

For more information on Apple Tree Resort and Hotel, call (63 8822) 75-46-49/75-43-28 or (63 88) 555-0003, or email Take in the new Apple Tree look by visiting them on the worldwide web at 

Congratulations to all the winners and to Apple Tree Resort and Hotel for the success of this event!
 photo 11148630_10152759522012175_9003103103358943840_n_zpsmnlokdz1.jpg 

My daughter and I was privileged to be invited to the Grand Opening of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program last May 9, 2015 which was held at Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City. Galileo Cagayan de Oro is the newest Galileo center which is now open to the public so that the learners will have the opportunity to improve their Math and English skills. 

 photo 11165294_10152759522247175_844592756512321922_n_zpsfhtpshvi.jpg 

The program was introduced by Ms. Ma. Rowena J. Matti, the CEO of Galileo who also discussed the advocacy of Galileo which upholds the program's mission of creating lifelong learners. 

 photo 11264913_10152759522317175_6399577033550760565_n_zpsdypvckxk.jpg 

If you are not familiar with Galileo, it is actually a meaningful, exciting and fun way to learn Math, English and Singapore Math. This is a perfect enrichment learning program especially for kids who doesn't like to learn Math. 

 photo 11168561_10152759522057175_5220599189711984878_n_zpswuuplhvg.jpg 

I can attest to this since I personally experienced how to solve Math problems the fun and easy. Me and my fellow Mommy bloggers were given a worksheet to solve the Math problems and we were taught how to answer it using the Singaporean Math way. This Enrichment programs are offered for students ages 3 to 12 years old. While the Singapore Math is for ages 6 to 12. 

Kids who were enrolled on the Galileo Program will help improve their school grades, become academically competitive, nurture the skills and talents and develop a positive attitude towards studying by associating fun and learning. 

 photo MAR_2635_zpsdiik60po.jpg  

with my fellow Mommy bloggers together with Galileo CEO, Directors and Staff 

I truly agree and believe on Galileo's philosophy in having a positive and eager attitude to inherit thirst for more learning and that learning can be fun and not a boring one. Encouraging our kids to excel in school and addresses the child's specific needs is also a big plus. This is why I highly recommend enrolling your child at Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. 

The newly-opened Galileo Cagayan de Oro is located at L/G Knightsbridge Builing, Tomas Saco 15th Street, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro with contact number 0917-5427752. 

For more information, visit or check the on Facebook:galileoenrichment and Twitter:galileoenrich. You may also call them at (02)845-1234. 

 photo 11182231_10152741387102175_8784546245098774164_n_zpsmdnt06zk.jpg

The online sensation Hey Joe Show recently had their Mall tour at Centrio Ayala Mall here in Cagayan de Oro City last April 30, 2015. They had their meet and greet tour where fans got the chance to meet them in person. 

 photo 11160662_10152741384202175_4535161461488931918_n_zpsbxiu2obl.jpg

I've also got the chance to meet Sumner, Connor, Jake, Tylan, and Davis in person since I was there during the said event. I had witnessed how the Kagay-anons warmly welcomes them. These five "fluent Visayan" speaking young Americans really made us laugh and smile! :) 

Here's a short video of them during the meet and greet event: 


  photo 11162205_10152741386947175_8451605312913982604_n_zpsds43jyzt.jpg

What makes the meet and greet event even more exciting where the crowd gets wild shouting and screaming was because of the special appearance of the popular social media celebrity group “Ato ni Vines” showing their jbl micro ii and their great dancing moves.  

 photo 11179947_10152741384022175_7118341814584787559_n_zps4kzvseq9.jpg

The three teens namely, Matt Lubid, Lenarr Sanchez and Arjay Fedillaga had been famous in the Visayas and Mindanao areas for their humorous short videos and memes posted on Twitter and Facebook. 

 photo 11150609_10152741384652175_2564261689275151220_n_zpsfcyf8bnx.jpg

here's another video featuring Ato ni Vines: 

the excited crowd!  photo 11038639_10152741385812175_4732813143813186952_n_zpsqtj0iumg.jpg  photo 17801_10152741384122175_8680888342055177641_n_zpsl626h5hx.jpg playing some games  photo 10891623_10152741383937175_7486971572794906669_n_zpsbkhz4j79.jpg "budots" style dancing with the fans  photo 11150642_10152741383777175_3618378918153501205_n_zpsf2margnl.jpg  

These guys really captures the heart of many Visayan fans out there. They have been so popular nowadays specially to the young generations. They are all cool, funny and hilarious guys who made everyone laugh because of their humorous viral videos. 

Craving for pizza? 

Well, here's a great news for you! 

 photo 11205554_10152752904317175_5780877864148010663_n_zpshvaoalga.jpg  

Our group, the CDO Bloggers was invited to attend at the launching of Greenwich new pizza flavor and taste!  photo 11205160_10152752903857175_1177809243080313214_n_zpsvs3e9slq.jpg Greenwich Pizza and Pasta, which has been widely known as the country's favorite pizza chain now introduces new Greenwich Crispy Thins which comes in five flavors - Signature, Hawaiian, All-Meat, 7-Cheese and Pepperoni. Check out these all new delicious flavors! 

  photo 11143380_10152752904117175_1750953639651230440_n_zpshyb7uwzu.jpg Signature Special  photo 11229381_10152752904072175_3148638508907571764_n_zpswhx4fwa6.jpg Hawaiian  photo 11036257_10152752904277175_6153401909021782368_n_zpsa7yj8vw9.jpg 7 Cheese  photo 11231147_10152752904232175_8472967134586829567_n_zpsw9b2e4dk.jpg All-Meat  photo 11218722_10152752903992175_540855642568409678_n_zpsnmthdzr6.jpg Pepperoni 

The Greenwich Crispy Thins bursts with flavor. It has less crust which mean there are more flavor to be enjoyed and experienced. It is now crispier, tastier and better! 

  photo 11203111_10152752904027175_1818882806555162882_n_zpsrb3s09tr.jpg  
 Choco Banana Crisp

What's even more interesting to know is that Greenwich also introduces a sweet dessert pie! It's called the New Choco Banana Crisp! I tell you, it tastes deliciously good! 

For only P109, you will have a sweet ending to every meal from Greenwich menu. This 9-inch dessert pie is made with bananas, chocolate, Italian hazelnut cream and Nutella. This all new "yummylicious" Greenwich Crispy Thins and Choco Banana Crisp is designed to be shared with your family and friends. 

So why don't you visit your nearest Greenwich store to satisfy your pizza cravings today! 

If you are near Divisoria, you can visit Greenwich Xavier located at R.N. Abejuela Street. Call 880-8022 for orders or text them and they will call you at 0932-8874835 or 0975-3360822 and your pizza orders will be delivered fresh right at your doorstep!

 photo 11196361_10152737152667175_6411442218712196478_n_zpsskaaryum.jpg  

Are you a traveler who is looking for a budget-friendly hotel here in Cagayan de Oro City? 

 photo 11156274_10152737152607175_4024295918910697006_n_zpsprwyw7nl.jpg

Well, you don't have to worry because this coming May 08, 2015, the new budget hotel, Emerald Suites will set to open to provide travelers and guests the very affordable and comfortable place to stay. 

 photo 11049110_10152737153112175_8046388784131404020_n_zpsngtwro5l.jpg

Aside from that, this budgetel is very accessible to the city's shopping malls. The place is located at Jose Carlos Agudo Street, the road which connects Capt. Vicente Roa Street and Osmeña Street beside Metz Arcade. It is just a few distance away from Centrio Ayala Mall, Gaisano Mall, Limketkai Center and the soon to open SM 2 Mall. 

 photo 11159950_10152737152417175_251720372320912719_n_zps5r5nzea9.jpg 

We were privileged to take a sneak peak viewing of the hotel before it will officially open to the public. Here are some of the photos showing the different amenities and accommodation rooms that they offer. 

 photo 10891612_10152737151437175_309801527546470710_n_zpsubyeepec.jpg

front desk located at the 2nd floor 

 photo 11149387_10152737151742175_486777258810789445_n_zps81yjzdqu.jpg

front desk lounge area 

 photo 10929069_10152737152907175_2836530468454340645_n_zpsi7sewlfv.jpg  photo 11146544_10152737153052175_8639464320203527372_n_zpsylx1iepz.jpg restaurant located at the ground floor 
  photo 11159480_10152737152797175_4272603514010622542_n_zpsxcfzf8nh.jpg  photo 11206005_10152737151702175_8849810417884115482_n_zpsr1ijaamk.jpg
hallway going to the rooms located at the 3rd floor 
 photo 11188300_10152737152477175_6514187943498983205_n_zpsgu5vouss.jpg function room which can accommodate up to 20 persons  photo 11096611_10152737151642175_3324526892739305464_n_zpsf0zk1xbu.jpg Standard Single @ P899 per night  photo 11193233_10152737151502175_3732458884309793914_n_zpsimev4ky9.jpg  photo 11148701_10152737151907175_7888788627744169091_n_zpsif9jn4aw.jpg Superior Room @P 1,289 per night  photo 11182256_10152737151557175_3126997948491780823_n_zpsoqyoyjhx.jpg Standard Twin @ P1,150 per night 

They also have a Triple Room which costs P1,580 per night. Each room has a flat screen cable TV with hot and cold shower bathrooms, air-conditioner and cabinet. Extra bed is also available at P250.00. It has free complimentary breakfast as well. 

I find Emerald Suites a truly nice, clean, spacious and best of all, an affordable place to stay where it has an easy access to the city whether for business or for pleasure. As what their logo says, they truly provides urban comfort and accessibility. 
   photo 10678629_10152737152307175_1970755942990370716_n_zpseh3rs1bh.jpg