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My Promotional Video for Mypage5!

Hi friends! I just finished making a promotional video on my favorite social paying site, Mypage5. The site has a contest which is open for members who can produce or make a promotional video for their site regarding its features, offers and benefits for members. I was just so amazed for the prize which is $50 for the 1st place and $25 for the 2nd place. But to tell you honestly, it was not easy to make a video. But Thanked God I had able to do it with the help of my hubby. Here's my promotional video...

I Just Joined a Contest!

I am a follower of tututina's blog. If you are a member of Trekpay, you would always see and click this blog ads. Now, they have a contest where they will give out $5 to the lucky winner! I hope I win also! Who knows? We never know that lucky one could be me also... and so are you too! How to Enter Anyone can enter the contest. But you must follow our giveaway guidelines in order to qualify: 1. Blog about our Five Dollar Fridays Giveaway 2. Select from our buttons (small or large) or our animated banner and post it on your blog/webpage 3. Leave me a comment telling me you've blogged about my giveaway. You MUST include in your comment your blog/webpage URL and your paypal email (sign up for your free personal paypal account if you don't have one!) so we can verify you've blogged about the giveaway and we can give you the prize if you are the winner. **You only need to blog once and keep our buttons/banners up for the duration of the August long contest and you will autom

The Mango Tree & My Internet

Well,I know you are wondering what is the connection of the mango tree and my internet connection here. I am using a broadband internet so it is wireless and this is one of the disadvantages when we used broadband internet specially when it rains so hard or if it is windy. It will interfere with the signal and therefore, I experience having an intermittent or an on and off internet connection. It really pisses me off because I can't do my work online and there are also days where I dont have an internet access the whole day and night and sometimes it is straight for 2 to 3 days. And what is the usual answer of the customer service? They just said that they will schedule me for a field visit of their contractor to visit my area. Last Saturday, I called up complaining and they just fixed my internet today, Thursday. So just count the days that I am having a hard time to go online because of this intermittent connection. They had checked out my area and they said that the problem of m

I Just Hate My Internet Service Provider!

Yesterday, I dont have an internet access the whole day and night. Just last week I had also experienced intermittent (on and off) connection here. I really hate my internet service provider! I always call their customer service hotline and they just said that it will be fixed within 24 hours and they just have to schedule a date for deployment of their contractor. It is really frustating! Plus the fact that I dont get any rebate for my bill. I am using a broadband wireless connection and its really a problem for me here specially when we experienced heavy rains here and if its so windy. Yesterday also, I had applied for a new DSL wired internet connection. I just hope this one will be much better.

Why Only Few Offers are Available?

Well, if you noticed it that there are so many money earning opportunities online where we can earn money like paid to make reviews, paid to do surveys, paid to play games,and many other high paying offer sites. I was wondering why most of this sites are only available for U.S, U.K and Canada members only? Every time there is a new money earning site, I always ask if it is also available for international members like me. I just wish that hopefully soon, opportunities will be open for most countries worldwide.

My Twitter & Revtwt Account

I have more than 50 followers in Twitter that's why I had able to post ads in Revtwt and also in Facebook. But the problem is that most ads that I post using Revtwt only has some clicks for U.S., U.K, or Canada members only. It is so hard for me to earn money using Revtwt because most of my friends online are not from that countries that I had mentioned and It is not easy for me to convince people to click my ads that I had posted in twitter and also in my facebook account. I just hope Revtwt will open its doors for Asians like me where their ads will be available internationally.

My 2nd Payment from My Favorite Social Site!

Mypage5 was one of my very 1st and my favorite social networking site. I had been a member of that site since November 2008. I was actually one of the senior members in Mypage5. I really enjoyed that site because I gain alot of friends there and I also discovered some other ways to earn money online. It actually took me more than a month to reach the minimum payment of $50. On my 1st payment, I received $45. Now, on my 2nd payment, I received $27. This was due to the new rules being implemented in Mypage5. My earnings were deducted due to some violations and inactive referrals. But that's fine with me because at least, Mypage5 is still paying its members and I will still continue supporting that site.

One of my Favorite Earning Site Before

Image is one one of my favorite money earning site before. I received around $200 when ciao did not changed its earning rates and rules. I had reviewed more than 150 products. I really loved earning money on Ciao because most of the items that I had reviewed is based on my personal experiences of that certain product. It was just too sad to know that my country is included on one of the banned countries which are not allowed anymore to make reviews due to so many plagiarism and cheaters. I just feel so upset because I make honest reviews there but since I am in here in the Philippines which is banned from making reviews, I am also included. Just the other day, I received an email from ciao that I received funds from my paypal account, I am happy that at least I was being payed from my last earnings worth $10. I just wish that someday, doors will be open again for honest reviewers like me in ciao so I can continue making personal reviews as well as I can continue earning money from t

My Ebay. My Life

I had been selling some of my stuffs in Ebay Philippines since 2005 and until today, I am earning money on it . Just last week, I had sold our old printer worth $50 and my mom’s make up kit worth $30. Yesterday, I sold my old blouses and pants worth $15. I am so happy that at least I am earning money from my old, used and even junk items like my shoes, bags, jeans, accessories and even my personal gadgets like mobile phones, digicam, mp4 etc. I had actually made a lot of money out of it that’s why I consider selling items in Ebay as my primary money maker online. One of my techniques so I can have a good and fast sales is that I usually sell my items in cheaper price plus I always make my items free of shipping. Here in the Philippines, our normal shipping rates costs around $5 to $10. It usually depends on the item, how much is your declared value and the location of the item where it has to be delivered. I just include the normal shipping fee to the total price of my item.

My Secret on How I Lose My Weight

Since I had given birth 2 years ago, I was really fat and my body is like 3 times bigger on my normal slim and slender body before. I had been searching here in the internet looking for some ideas and tips on how to easily get slim. I am into buying and selling stuffs in ebay and as I had been looking for some effective ways to lose weight, I came across this slimming capsule and due to my curiosity, I just give a try of this product. I bought these Chinese herbal slimming capsule called "ZHEN DE SHOU", I am so happy and satisfied because I immediately saw and experienced how effective this product was because of the result where it only takes 1 week! I had taken 30 capsules and that's a total of 1 month. I take 1 capsule a day 30 minutes before I eat breakfast. I had actually taken this slimming pills continuously in 3 months and all my unwanted fats in my tummy in particular, my flabby arms and legs and even some cellulites are visibly gone! Plus the good thing about t

Tired But Happy!

I am not online usually on Sunday because I am busy preparing things for our church services. I wake up early around 6 am and then we go to church at 8am. Our church service starts at 8am and ends at 12 noon. Well, if you don't know it yet, I am a Born Again Christian and If you want ask why our service takes 4 long hours? We usually start having a sunday school, then our praise and worship where I am the worship song leader of our church, we share our testimonies, we have some special song presentation and then the last and the most important thing which is listening to the word of God. Yesterday was a tiresome day because after our church service, we went to another church where me and my fellow youth members in our band lead the praise and worship where it starts at 2pm and ended at around 6pm. I was so tired but I am happy serving the Lord with all of my heart!

Doing Some Tasks or Jobs Online

Right now I am working in Microworkers doing some tasks and jobs online. I still got a long way to reach the minimum payout because some of the task requires me to sign up so I can get paid on it. But the problem is I am already a member of that certain site and I am not allowed to sign up again. It is quite interesting for me because there are some tasks which are fun to do with like they just need a personal photo from me or I just have to take a photo of a local magazine. I am also a member of this new Work-online site called where we just have to write some simple story and they just have to provide a topic to write. I had checked the topics and most them are about driving schools, lessons, car, and affiliate marketing online.

I Just Sold Another Old Stuffs in Ebay!

I am so happy today that I received payment from my old printer worth $50 where I post and sold it in ebay. Selling some of my used stuffs and even junk items is actually one of my primary money maker online. Though I am not that good enough in striving hard to earn money on money earning sites, I still feel so happy and blessed that at least I can earn an extra income out from my junk, used and unused items.

All About Social Networking Sites

I had been a member of so many social networking sites namely in Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Tagged, Netlog and Facebook. Since I had started surfing online last 2004, I am already a member of these social sites. Since I had discovered last year about social sites that pays, I became more interested to join it. The very 1st social paying site that I had joined was Mypage5. I had been payed $45 before. Then I had also joined Ourfriendcircle, frenszone,6dgr, me2everyone, directmatches,and youtaz. But I am not active anymore of this 6 social sites that I had mentioned because I never heard anyone who already received payment from that sites. I am also a member of Ezihippo where I got paid $30 and UDMspace where I also recieved $10 from that site. But it is just sad to know that this 2 social sites are now gone. Right now, I am still active in Mypage5 and I am now waiting for my 2nd payout and in socints where I just recieved worth $10 from that site. Recently, I was referred by one of my o

Soulful. Sorrow. Sad

Today is special non-working holiday here in our country because we pay tribute and respect to our dear Beloved President Corazon Aquino's burial. Though I was still a baby yet when the EDSA People Power 1 happened, I just feel my fellow citizens patriotism and fight for democracy when I saw earlier on tv how the Filipino love and supported a simple housewife who became the very 1st Philippine President way back in 1986. The Late President Cory Aquino fight and restored back our country's democracy while she is able to step down Marcos dictatorship. I was just so amazed and inspired by her life, not only to her but also to her late Senator husband Ninoy Aquino who has been assassinated during Marcos regime. Both of them fight for the right just for the sake of the Filipino people. Just imagine risking your own life just for your country's freedom and democracy.

My Journey Online

I had actually started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in ebay since 2005. I had only discovered last year that there are many other ways in earning money online when I was introduced by my online friend from She referred me to paid to click, paid to post and paid to review sites. Right now, I am hooked in earning money through social networking sites. Lately, I am eager to continue working on and updating my blog because I am inspired to see some nice and interesting blogs by some of my online friends who also earned a huge bucks of money through blogging. This blog is like my online diary where I have to update and write what's going on with my life specially in my journey in earning money online. Wish me luck my friends!