All About Social Networking Sites

I had been a member of so many social networking sites namely in Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Tagged, Netlog and Facebook. Since I had started surfing online last 2004, I am already a member of these social sites.

Since I had discovered last year about social sites that pays, I became more interested to join it. The very 1st social paying site that I had joined was Mypage5. I had been payed $45 before. Then I had also joined Ourfriendcircle, frenszone,6dgr, me2everyone, directmatches,and youtaz. But I am not active anymore of this 6 social sites that I had mentioned because I never heard anyone who already received payment from that sites.

I am also a member of Ezihippo where I got paid $30 and UDMspace where I also recieved $10 from that site. But it is just sad to know that this 2 social sites are now gone.

Right now, I am still active in Mypage5 and I am now waiting for my 2nd payout and in socints where I just recieved worth $10 from that site.

Recently, I was referred by one of my online friend about this new and interesting social site called Viralnetworks and Redgage.

I just hope that these 2 sites would really pay me then.

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