The Mango Tree & My Internet

Well,I know you are wondering what is the connection of the mango tree and my internet connection here. I am using a broadband internet so it is wireless and this is one of the disadvantages when we used broadband internet specially when it rains so hard or if it is windy. It will interfere with the signal and therefore, I experience having an intermittent or an on and off internet connection. It really pisses me off because I can't do my work online and there are also days where I dont have an internet access the whole day and night and sometimes it is straight for 2 to 3 days.

And what is the usual answer of the customer service? They just said that they will schedule me for a field visit of their contractor to visit my area. Last Saturday, I called up complaining and they just fixed my internet today, Thursday. So just count the days that I am having a hard time to go online because of this intermittent connection.

They had checked out my area and they said that the problem of my connection is because of this huge mango tree located across our house. My antenna cannot received a better signal because the tower of my broadband internet was block with branches and leaves of this mango tree.

I requested to let it cut off with my neighbor and Thanked God, now I have a straight and stable internet connection.

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