My Ebay. My Life

I had been selling some of my stuffs in Ebay Philippines since 2005 and until today, I am earning money on it . Just last week, I had sold our old printer worth $50 and my mom’s make up kit worth $30. Yesterday, I sold my old blouses and pants worth $15. I am so happy that at least I am earning money from my old, used and even junk items like my shoes, bags, jeans, accessories and even my personal gadgets like mobile phones, digicam, mp4 etc.

I had actually made a lot of money out of it that’s why I consider selling items in Ebay as my primary money maker online. One of my techniques so I can have a good and fast sales is that I usually sell my items in cheaper price plus I always make my items free of shipping.

Here in the Philippines, our normal shipping rates costs around $5 to $10. It usually depends on the item, how much is your declared value and the location of the item where it has to be delivered. I just include the normal shipping fee to the total price of my item. It usually attracts my buyer to buy an item from specially when I place a free of shipping ad to the title of my posted item .

Sometimes my buyer wants to meet me in person specially those who are living within our city. I also do it and I am also happy that I had able to make a good friendship with my buyer and they keep coming back to buy some more items from me.

I am also thankful to God that since 2005 and until today, I do have a 100% positive feedbacks from my buyers. So that means that people really do trust me. It is not that easy to trust people specially if you don’t personally know him/her.

There are many scammers online but I feel so blessed that people are putting their trust on me based on my feedback reputation.

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