One of my Favorite Earning Site Before is one one of my favorite money earning site before. I received around $200 when ciao did not changed its earning rates and rules. I had reviewed more than 150 products. I really loved earning money on Ciao because most of the items that I had reviewed is based on my personal experiences of that certain product.

It was just too sad to know that my country is included on one of the banned countries which are not allowed anymore to make reviews due to so many plagiarism and cheaters. I just feel so upset because I make honest reviews there but since I am in here in the Philippines which is banned from making reviews, I am also included.

Just the other day, I received an email from ciao that I received funds from my paypal account, I am happy that at least I was being payed from my last earnings worth $10.

I just wish that someday, doors will be open again for honest reviewers like me in ciao so I can continue making personal reviews as well as I can continue earning money from that site.

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