At Last I Know How to Create a Backlink!

A backlink is simply links from one site to another. It is one of the factors that determines how popular your blog is and ultimately how fast it’s going to get off the ground. The more relevant backlinks to your site, the better – and by relevant I mean the sites linking to you should be related to your topic (If your blog is about fancy cars it's probably going to do you little good to have a link for your site on a blog dedicated to quilting.)

I had been searching over google on how to create a backlink because I really want to make a backlink for my blog. It is a great help in order for me to generate more traffic on my blog.

All we need is just a simple html magic:

kayeshayne that's it!

Now, I am trying to create backlinks for my other money earning sites and for my friend's blog. Let's see if this one will work out too.

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