Tropical Storm Destroyed Many Lives & Properties of My Fellow Countrymen

I really felt so pity about the tragedy happened to my fellow countrymen from northern part of my country here in the Philippines. Tropical storm “Ondoy” (international codename: Ketsana) left our country yesterday, leaving behind a trail of more than 140 people dead, 29 missing, and some 247,555 affected families.

Rescuers struggled through heavy traffic and darkness of the night to bring residents of flood-stricken areas, who were perched on their roofs carrying their children and cherished possessions, to safer grounds.

Images of onrushing mud and stranded people clinging to corrugated rooftops filled television screens broadcasting the events in real time.

Some individuals were even seen holding signs in a desperate attempt to call the attention of military helicopters hovering above waterlogged cities.

I just hope that everything will be fine, Filipino people are brave, inspite of all the tragedy we are holding each others arms and help each other get up. I know our government is bad, really bad but i know they will do their best to help. The current of water is too heavy rescue operations in some places is impossible, that's why its takes time to rescue everyone.

I also pray that all relief operations will be delivered to the affected families and even though this tragedy had happened, we still can move on and continue going on with life.

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