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My Other Favorite Social Paying Networking Site!

SOCINTS is one of my favorite social paying networking site. I had been payed once from this site since I joined a few months ago. SOCINTS is indeed a different kind of social site. It is simple and its easy to socialize with others.You get points for being Social, and then Redeem them for Rewards. Be Social and you will get points! Here is a breakdown on some ways you can get points: - Signing In - Messaging Friends - Commenting - Playing Games - Updating your Status - Updating your Mood - Updating your MyLife - Posting Topics - Starting Groups - Starting Polls - Talking in Chatroom - Rating - Telling your Friends about us - Verifying your Picture - Buying/Selling Socints - and many other ways! You can exchange your points for some reward which includes Ipods, $10 or $25 Paypal Credits. I joined the raffle before using my 250 points and luckily, I won instant $10 on it. You can check out my payment proof posted here. You can use as ma

CloudCrowd Really Pays!

I just registered yesterday in CloudCrowd and I had finished and completed one task and I am so glad that I received my payment instantly through my paypal account. The tasks are easy and simple to do just like Microworkers and some tasks in Mylot.They pay a little amount for the micro jobs but what's important is that they pay legitimately. Join CloudCrowd Now and Enjoy doing some tasks as well as socializing and referring your friends in Facebook!

You Can Now Earn Money from Your Facebook!

I just did some blogwalking on some of my friends blog here in blogger and I came across this great money earning opportunity where I can earn money through my Facebook account. Thanks to Red for posting this site on her blog. I registered today at CloudCrowd and this site is like Microworkers where you just have to perform and complete a task in order to get paid. You can also get some referrals and it will help you with the earnings. This is up to three level Crowd. Referral rates are as follows: For Work Performed By You: You Receive The Following Commission: 1st Level Personal Crowd (people you directly invite) 10.1% of what they get paid 2nd Level Personal Crowd 3.2% 3rd Level Personal Crowd 1.5% So, if you are also hooked and addicted in playing games or socializing with your friends in Facebook, why not earn money at the same time? Join CloudCrowd now Start Earning Money Today!

MyPage5 - Still My Best Paying Social Networking Site!

My $45 1st Payment Received from Mypage5 I had been a member of Mypage5 for more than a year now and I am totally enjoying the site simply by posting comments of my friends,create & respond to a blog, chat, upload photos & videos, & posting some classified ads. The best thing that I like about this site is that they legitimately pays.I had been payed twice & I also received some bonus payments like submitting a promotional video from them. As you can see all my Payment Proofs are posted here on my blog.I am a member on many social paying sites but most of them turns out to be a scam site and others had closed down for no reason at all. But Mypage5 still remains active and continue paying its members legitimately.Mypage5 is indeed the Best Paying Social Site in the World! My $27 2nd Payment Received from Mypage5 My $8 Bonus Payment Received for winning the Mypage5 Promotional Video Contest