My Other Favorite Social Paying Networking Site!

SOCINTS is one of my favorite social paying networking site. I had been payed once from this site since I joined a few months ago.

SOCINTS is indeed a different kind of social site. It is simple and its easy to socialize with others.You get points for being Social, and then Redeem them for Rewards.

Be Social and you will get points! Here is a breakdown on some ways you can get points:

- Signing In
- Messaging Friends
- Commenting
- Playing Games
- Updating your Status
- Updating your Mood
- Updating your MyLife
- Posting Topics
- Starting Groups
- Starting Polls
- Talking in Chatroom
- Rating
- Telling your Friends about us
- Verifying your Picture
- Buying/Selling Socints
- and many other ways!

You can exchange your points for some reward which includes Ipods, $10 or $25 Paypal Credits.

I joined the raffle before using my 250 points and luckily, I won instant $10 on it. You can check out my payment proof posted here.

You can use as many points as you want to buy tickets to increase your chances of winning.

You can also purchase a $10 paypal or alertpay credit when you reached 8500 points.

So What are you Waiting For!

Be Social Get Points at!

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