Beach Escapade!

After the grief of my mother in law's burial last October 21 which took more than 1 week of restless nights and busy preparing for food and buying some needs of so many people who attended the burial, the civil wedding of my brother in law also took place last November 7 and it was again a restless day for us cause we are also busy preparing ourselves for our church activities and accompanying our relatives and friends who came from far away places where we seldom see each other. After all the busy days, me and my family on my hubby's side had decided to take a rest and relax for a day. We went to my mother in law's hometown in Libertad and Gitagum in Misamis Oriental and take a splash swimming in the cool Ocean View Resort. We had so much fun and its very relaxing! I feel so relieved and we are all happy spending some time together, with all the laughter and tears that we felt, it is a great time to enjoy and go on with LIFE even if we faced all the trials and problems, Life has to move on and We Still Can Enjoy Life to the FULLEST!!!

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