Civil Wedding... The Christian Way

It was the civil wedding of my brother in law last November 07, 2009. We attended the wedding and there was about 25 people who where there to witness their unity of love. It was a different wedding since it is not the Lawyer/Attorney who did the matrimony because we are all Christians and it was the Pastor who did it. These is also what we did when got married 4 years back with my hubby.

For me, its even more intimate and with full of love and blessings while doing the civil wedding, the Chris
tian Way. The Pastor had thoroughly explained what is it about marriage, how to handle it and how to work out the marriage together with God's will and plan for the marriage to grow strong.

I am happy f
or these young couples who finally got married and settled together with God's blessing and will for their lives. I just keep on reminding them that they should Always Place God at the center of their marriage.

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