Got Paid by TrekPay Today

This is my 1st payout from TREKPAY. I am so happy and thankful that even if I was not active online for several weeks, I still able to received some payments out from my hard work online.

TREKPAY operates differently than other search engines, they actually target the Ads on Client's websites.

The Clients have been asked to describe the type of advertising they display on their websites and when a search is requested a list of websites with Ads that match your search will be displayed.

You are invited to go to these websites and click on these search related Ads.These Clients make money from showing you these Ads.

TREKPAY, in turn make money from these Clients and "profit share" with all their members. The higher your ranking the more you can earn.

Make sure to click on the Ads within TREKPAY Client's websites if they interest you... It keeps them in business!

Everybody gets what they want!

1.Clients make money from their Ads as Publishers.
2.The actual Ad owners get real interested people to see their Ads.
3.The Searchers (you) find what they were seeking.
4.TREKPAYmembers get paid!


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