Grieving on My Mother-in-Law's Death

I was offline for more than 2 weeks because of the unexpected death of my mother in law. She passed away last October 21 due to "Cardiogenic Shock" because she had a Type 2 Diabetes Melitus. Her death was cause by a high risk of sugar level which was around 460 and her heart was affected on it.

We did not expect these thing to happen on my mother in law because she was in a good condition that week. She was actually the Senior Pastor of our Church and it is so hard for us to accept and recover from this kind of situation.

But despite of these trials, we are happy that Our Senior Pastor, My Mother in Law is now in heaven happily living together with our Lord Jesus Christ.

For most unbelievers say "Condolence" on our part but for us, Christians and as a true believer of Christ, it is "Congratulations!"... Why? because she is now living in a place with no sorrow and pain, no heartaches, no bills to pay, no problems, and no suffering at all.

I remember way back a month ago, where she used to preach during our divine service every Sunday about "Salvation". She always tells us that she don't like that she will only be the one who will go to heaven but she wants all of us, her family, relatives, friends and church members Will Go Together in Heaven. She also had these famous words saying: "See You in Heaven!"

At first thought, I am quite scared hearing that words from her but lately, I came to realize that she was right. We should not be scared or be afraid of dying because all of us will go there. When somebody is telling you "See You in Heaven!" then AMEN for that and we should be thankful that we will see each other in Heaven. It is even more scary if we will say, "See You in Hell!", right?

Though we feel the longingness and we miss her presence here with us, her good memories, the laughter and tears but as time goes by, all of her encouraging and inspiring words left for us will surely be cherished and loved.

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