Keeping The Love Alive in our Marriage

There are many ways on how to handle a certain relationship especially when it comes to love. Based on my experience, I felt my true love at the age of 19 when I was still in college. I had met my boyfriend Michael which had been later on became my husband. We had been lovers for 4 years and within that years we also had struggled a lot of trials in our relationship. Jealousy is one of the main reason why we had some arguments. However, we tend to manage it by proving to oneself that we never had a third party or clinging to another guy or girl. Within that 4 years of being together, I had known him for who he really is. His strengths and weakness, his do’s and don’ts, his likes and dislikes.

That’s why when he held my hand and ask me to marry him, I do not have any other hesitations or doubts and I immediately said YES to him! We had been married for 4 years now so we had been together for 8 years and with that 8 years of relationship, we do keep our love alive by having a give and take relationship. One must lay down one’s ego and pride, by being flexible and understanding each other’s thoughts and opinions.

Showing each others affectionate love and care is also very important for a relationship or marriage to work out. Being thoughtful by remembering little things means a lot too such as anniversary, birthday, the time and place where you have to meet each other and many other situations.

Constant communication also takes a huge part in a relationship that’s why when my hubby is not around working away, I used to call him or send an sms to him making sure his okay or just simply saying how are you and take care.

Both verbal and non-verbal talk saying I love you and I miss you is very important. It doesn’t matter if how many times you say it as long as it comes deeply from your heart.

One very important aspect of our marriage why we have a great and harmonious marriage is that we always place GOD at the center of our relationship. We have that fear of the Lord so every time we face some trials in our life, we can easily overcome it by holding each other’s faith and love.

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