I Received a Surprise Gifts Online Delivered Right at Our Door Step!

I just can't believe that I received a Surprise gift online from online e-store named HANYAW Malaysia. I was actually a user on one of their products which is the Emeron Lotion. I joined their online promo before where I have to send the promo code to their website, http://hanyaw.com/ to win gadgets like mobile phone. Sad to say I did not won the contest. However, I got a friend request from HANYAW Malaysia in my Facebook account so we became friends there. I had shared and posted my blog here in blogger sharing our love and marriage blog in my facebook and HANYAW Malaysia noticed it. Ivan, who is the owner of HANYAW Malaysia also noticed that I had also posted a birthday event of my hubby which is today, December 8 and he also sent me a message telling me that he want to give a special gift for our marriage and also a birthday present gift for my hubby and I have to choose 2 of their products from their e-store.

A photo from their e-store and The real photo of the clog shoes I received

I had chosen this Fuchsia Pink ASADI Ultra Lite Clog Shoes while my hubby had chosen this Dark Blue ASADI PVC Sandal. He sent the package last Friday and he said it will be shipped and will be delivered door to door through our local courier here and it will arrive on Monday. And yes it did arrived yesterday and my hubby just couldn't believe it!

We are both happy and glad and so thankful to HANYAW Malaysia for being so nice to us. This is a way of great gratitude from HANYAW Malaysia for me being a loyal user of their product.

Here are some details of this e-store:

http://hanyaw.com/– An Asia Online Supermarket Committed to You

Description: Based in Sandakan Natural City in Sabah, Malaysia, hanyaw.com is an online outlet for some of the most popular Asian brands in today's international marketplace. Carrying names like Asepso, Asadi, Apollo, Emeron, Hogomas and Kris and products many who have been to Malaysia desperately want to purchase after their visit, hanyaw.com is an expanding enterprise and increasing number of international and Asian customers are discovering every day.

A few of their most popular product lines include their wide variety of shoes and sandals, health and beauty items, and grocery selections. Recognizing the need to market brands that have been primarily Asian household names for years, though, hanyaw.com is committed to expanding their selection to popular clothing, gifts and collectibles, and household goods many international consumers may only be familiar with thanks to their own international travels within the region.

Photo from the website and The real photo my hubby had received this sandal

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