My Voluntary Permanent Disconnection of my ISP, SmartBro Wireless Broadband

I had been using SmartBro wireless broadband internet for more than 2 years and within that years I had some pros and cons using that ISP. I had chosen this ISP since that time, there are still no DSL connection available here in our area.

The pros primarily is that, it is affordable and cheap because its monthly fee is only $21. We are actually using SmartBro before for our internet cafe and we have 10 pc units and it can still survive in providing its minimum 384 kbps being shared on all pc clients using a router.

However, it has more of the negative side (cons) when we speak of customer service. Everytime I call on their *1888 hotline where usually the customer service representative will entertain me, when I complain on the connectivity, the usual answer is that, I will just wait within 24 hours to restore back my internet connection.

There had been several days where we dont have internet connection so everytime that happens, its really painful to see our customers from our i-cafe will go out and look for another i-cafe because of the lost of our connection. There are times we usually have 2 to 3 days with no connectivity at all. Just imagine life without our internet. It will be No internet. No Income.

We had experienced a problem with our wireless antenna and we call for help on their customer service and they said they will just set a schedule for their technical field group to go to our place. And that usually takes 3 to 4 days before they arrive here. So imagine, we dont have internet for 3 to 4 days!

Intermittent Internet Connection is also one of SmartBro's problem that's why I decided to permanently disconnect my subsription to them. I merely knew it since it is wireless so everytime there's some heavy rains or strong winds, it will usually happen.

Now, my main problem is our wireless antenna from our rooftop was blocked by a huge mango tree with lots of leaves and branches and it hinders its signal from the local area tower.  And since its from our neighbor's mango tree and I actually wanted to let that huge mango tree cut down, the old couple who are the owner of that tree don't like to cut it down. So I just requested to cut its branches and leaves.

But the leaves easily grow so still I am facing the same problem again. That's why I had decided to permanently disconnect my subscription from SmartBro.

But before I decided to do that, I had already applied and had a new internet connection using PLDT MyDSL. Its now a DSL connection which is now better and faster since it is a wired internet connectivity.


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