So Many Busy Shoppers Rushing Around Doing Some Shopping!

I went earlier today doing some shopping for some new clothes of mine, for my daughter and for my hubby plus some gift items to buy for our godchildren and dear loved ones that's close to our hearts and it was really a tiresome job since I find it hard to go to my favorite shopping stores because its very much crowded and the line at the cashier is so long! I just can't wait standing for a long hours there.

So I went to a shopping mall and still there is no chance for me to go inside
cause its still very crowded and the people are in shoulder to shoulder distance already. Even though my back and my feet is aching due to the long hours of standing and waiting, I still able to buy the things that I want to buy.

People are just very much busy buying some things to wear probably for their Christmas Party and for the exchanging of gifts just like what I also did. I think its been a habit of a Filipino trait already that when time comes specially this Christmas season, people are just rushing around doing some last minute shopping.

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