Weird Internet Connection Here

Its been 3 days already that I had experienced a weird connection of my internet using PLDT MyDSL. I am using our timer / server here in our internet cafe and I cannot connect to the internet every time I browse using Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer.

But the players / gamers here in our i-cafe can play online games! I had called their customer service and they said its not the internet connection but rather the browser itself, or many there has a virus in our pc that's why its been like this.

I had upgraded my browsers and scanned all if there's some viruses in it but still it still says the page cannot be displayed. We are using this ping -t command prompt to check if there is a connectivity of the internet here. As you can see this black photo showing a Reply from -t bytes = 32 time 236ms TTL=53, that means there is a stable internet connectivity, but if it will show Destination Host Unreachable or Request Timed Out, that means it has no connectivity.
 It shows it has a connectivity because it is pinging with bytes of data but still I cannot open the page. Sometimes it showed up but you still have to refresh it over and over again so you can access the page. When I checked the speedtest site, it shows its fast mb and download speed. 
Good thing now its back in good and stable connection.

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