Benefits I Received from Online Banking

I had been selling some of my used items and other stuffs in since 2004 and one of my payment methods that I used for my buyers to pay for my sold items is through bank deposit using my Banco de Oro bank account. I had enrolled online using their Retail Internet Banking services and I am glad that I can check out my savings account online. I can easily check if my buyer had already deposited their payment and there's no more hassles for me to go outside just to check out my savings account in the atm machine.  

I also have an online bank account from UnionBank using their EON Cyber Account and I am using these bank account in transferring my online earnings from my Paypal account. Paypal has a service charge of $5 for every withdrawal transaction I made in transferring my Paypal funds using my EON bank card and it usually takes around 4 business days to arrive in my EON card. 

These 2 online bank accounts of mine is indeed a great help for my Journey in Earning Money Online since I mainly use it for my online earnings and it is also fast, easy to track, manage and use, and of course its hassle-free and convenient too. 

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