Bought More PC's for our I-Cafe out from My Hubby's Curtain-Sewing Skills

My daughter smiling and the hard earned money from his father

We actually received this huge pile of money last December as payment out from my husband's hard work in sewing huge curtains from a local Mayor's newly built house here.

My hubby & my father in-law's finished-made curtains

It is actually a rare opportunity and a huge blessings for us because out from my hubby's inherited skills from his father in sewing specially designed personalized curtains, we had able to bought an additional 2 pc units for our internet cafe business.

The 2 additional pc units we bought for our internet cafe

I am so thankful to God for these marvelous blessings and unmerited favor He had given to us. We are hoping  and praying for more curtains to sew so we could add more pc units for our i-cafe. 


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