I Want to Have a New Hairtsyle This Year!

 Me on my straight long hair

Ever since my high school and college days, I used to have a long, black and straight hair and since I got married, I still have a long hair because my hubby doesn't want a short one. I just let it fixed by a hair clamp, got it ponytailed or just simply hang it down with or without a hair band in it. 

Now I feel getting bored with my straight hair and for a change, I want something new, a  new image on my hairstyle for this new year that could fit my looks and my chic personality. 

I was searching in Google for some new hairstyles for 2010 and I found out some long and curly hairstyles this year and I love it! 

I am amazed Halle Berry's  long hair style full of loose romantic curls and pulled back on the sides that creates a chic, formal look on her. I hope this could also looks good on me. 

How about with a lovely bangs on front and a big curly hair? 

Which of these looks best on me my friends? 


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