Die Laughing while Reading Anak ni Kulapo's Blog

This is another blog review of mine as an entry of KayePehpot’s Blogversary contest where this blog is also one of the Major Sponsors. I am also a follower of this blog and I am surprised as to what this blog is all about. I was also curious who is “Anak ni Kulapo” here and what does Kulapo means cause I know a name “Vino Kulapo” which a local wine here in our place. (Maybe it is somewhat related or not).

I am Buraot's Blog is a serious type of blog where the author expresses his honest opinions about politics, environment and many other social aspects while this Anak ni Kulapo blog is the opposite one because this is extremely a funny and humorous blog.

This is yet Another Blog of Buraot and I am surprised on its Pagerank which is a Perfect 10! No wonder why it is popular because of its unique content and some funny photos posted on his blog. He is also using Wordpress template here and I love it because of its clean and easy to navigate page and readers could easily follow his blog as well as his posts.

Kulapo’s Blog is all written in Tagalog so it is really a certified Pinoy Blog where Filipinos could really enjoy reading this humorous blog of Buraot. His blog talks about anything and everything under the sun with lots of funny jokes and photos, pinoy by-stander and barber stories, some non-sense talking’s, those laughable quotes, cool sound trip music and many others.

So, my dear Filipino bloggers, if you are looking for some laugh out loud stories and some past time jokes, I highly recommend this blog for you to follow and start laughing today!

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