Earn Money Just By Posting Sites Where You Already Got Paid!

I was doing some tasks in Microworkers and I came across this site where you can find the best online money making opportunities while you can earn money out of it. The site is called MoneyBumper. You just have to bumped up or click a certain money earning site which was posted in their site specially those site where you already got paid in it.

Every time you bump a site you get $.02, you can bump 5 sites a day if you are a Standard Bumper or 10 sites a day if you are a Pro Bumper. You also get $.01 every time one of your friends Bump a site and $3.00 every time your friends go Pro if you are a Pro Bumper. 

Payment is made through Paypal with a minimum cash out amount of $15.

And there's more!

If you want to boost your Website, you just have to refer people about MoneyBumper and by telling your friends and users about our website they will naturally bump your site, causing it to move up on the bump list and getting more people back to your site!

Exposure of being highly ranked on MoneyBumper will provide a large boost to your website traffic with new people who are curious about your site!

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