The Grandest and the Biggest BLOG contest is HERE!!!

Wow! I am truly amazed on Kaye and Pehpot's BLOGVERSARY contest. The Prizes at stake are so HUGE! that's why I did not hesitate to Join this exciting contest here.

I came to know Mommy Pehpot in Mylot before where she is active in posting and responding on some discussions there. I just knew Mommy Kaye here when she partnered with Mommy Pehpot about this Grandest and Biggest Blog Contest! I am a new follower of their blogs and I just love it! I  had learned a lot on how to improve my blog  and it also inspires me to write some interesting articles that would also give some interest in my readers and followers. 

Now that they have this cool Blogversary Contest, I am inviting you all to follow their blogs and Join! 

Level 1 Sponsors:

Level 2 Sponsors:
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