Happy to See My Blog Increasing & Improving!

I am happy to find out that my blog is improving and has increased its PageRank from 0 to 1. Since I am a newbie into blogging and still have so many things to do in order to improve my PageRank and I  still need a lot of traffic on my blog to make it popular.

As the saying goes, "Great Things start from Small Beginnings" so I believe that I could merely do it just like many other blogs that I had followed here in Blogger. I am also looking for a nice new layout and template for my blog so it takes time and effort for me to make my blog more beautiful and easy to navigate with. 

I saw an article on Some Blog Traffic Tips that I would like to share and its indeed very helpful for a newbie blogger like me. 

1) After 30 days submit your blog to all blog directory's you can, focus on the one's with a Google Page rank of at least 2 or higher along with any that are specific to your niche.

2) Get some backlinks (sites that link to your blog) There are lots of ways to do this, some of the easier ways are with Social Networks (like Myspace), Social BookMarks, (like Digg and stumbleupon), Forums (with your signature, make sure to use keyword rich anchor text). Make sure to fill out your profiles with links to your blog and contact info.

3) Article writing, (paid or non paid) Sites like squidoo allow you to freely post referral links in your articles, along with your own blog links. So write a article about a specific subject that relates to your blog, then link to your blog in the article. Make sure to fill out your profiles with links to your blog and contact info.

4) Comment on other blogs, if you read someone's blog and find something they wrote helpful, let them know that with a nice comment saying so, make sure to include what particular parts were really helpful, Then say you will be applying them to your own blog and provide link.

5) Most importantly, have quality content, that gives something to the readers!
If your blog is just sales pitch after sales pitch or a banner farm that provides no info about the sites you promote, all the traffic in the world won't help you generate any money or return readers.


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