An Inspiring Online Diary Blog of Seiko

I am already a follower of Sieko’s Blog before I knew that she was one of the Major sponsors of Kaye & Pehpot’s Blogversary Contest. I simply love her blog because as a stay at home like me, we do have the same views and opinions when it comes to motherhood and other good things a mom would love to talk about.

Her blog, A Dual Career Mom has a very cute hot pink layout and template, an easy to navigate page and so many nice photos with interesting articles posted in it. It is personal blog and her blog serves as her Online diary on some interesting aspects of her life and that includes celebrating special occasions together with her family and loved ones, some delicious and yummy food recipes, a family bonding activities, sharing some techno games and gadgets, toys for her children and many others.

Just like any other stay at home mom’s out there, Seiko is always doing her best as a dual career mom for her family’s sake. She had been through a lot but she still keeping her head up high and keep on dreaming and continue go on with life.

I highly recommend Sieko’s Diary Blog specially for stay at home’s out there who wants to be inspired on Seiko’s life experiences through good times and bad times.

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