Missing my High School Batch of Classmates & Friends...

I was checking my Facebook account and looking for some newly uploaded photos of my friends and I saw some photos of my High School batch 2001 classmates and schoolmates. I feel so envy to them because they had came to meet and reunite with other classmates of my batch.

Since I had graduated from high school, that was in the year 2001, and since I moved and transferred to another city to pursue my college degree, I haven't seen them until today. And that was in a 9 very long years already! 

I only see and connected with them through social networking sites like in Facebook and Friendster. But not all of my classmates have their social account that's why I am still eager to see them in person.

My High School life is my greatest, happiest and unforgettable life experiences I had experienced! There is indeed a great bond and unity on all of my classmates and friends. All the happiness, the sadness, the curiosity, excitement, being scolded by the teacher, the escape madness during school hours, being absent and go to my classmates house or just simply roaming around hanging with friends and of course all those past puppy loves....

I was just remembering those good old days with them cause I just missed them so much!


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