My Daughter acts like an Old Mature Woman

I was just amazed how my 2 year & 6 months old daughter grow fast and how she acts like an old mature woman.I think because she was influenced by her surroundings cause she doesn't have some playmates here. All of us are matured ones who lives inside the house. She became responsible and I don't have any problems feeding her because she is not a picky eater. She eats whatever we have on our everyday meal. She also helped me in doing some household chores like sweeping, arranging things, keeping the clothes, putting some trash in the garbage can and many others. 

Her daily routine? She loves watching her favorite cartoons in dvd like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and some animated movies like Cars, Monster Inc., G-Force, Shrek, Lion King, Alvin and the Chipmunks etc. And she knows how to turn on the tv, the dvd and how to use the remote control in it. When she's tired of watching it, she wants to play and cuddle with me. She actually wants to go to school so she will get her bag with  paper and pen in it and she will draw something while I am her teacher watching over her. After that, she will  go to my desktop while she's telling me to turn on the cpu while she she will be one who will turn on the monitor and she will do the clicking and typing some keys in the keyboard. She loves watching some cartoons again but this time in You tube. She also enjoys watching her photos stored in her own Facebook account. Oh! I forgot to mention that one of her daily routine is eating! She wants to go out with me to buy something in the store and take note: She is the one holding my wallet! LOL

The most funny things that she loves doing is, She loves wearing my high heels, boots and other huge shoes! She can even manage to wear 5 inches high heels while I can't even bear to walk on it. Wearing Huge Shades/Sunglasses is one of favorites too! And she's trying to push the shades up so that it will not fall. 

                                             My daughter's nail polished toe nails

And oh! She loves my make up! lipstick, lip gloss, blush on, eyelash curler, eyeshadows, and of course I am the one doing her nail polish. Just look at her toes! If she saw me having a new nail polish color, she doesn't want to be left behind. 

                               Her own self-captured pic

Picture taking? Oh She loves the camera! She always want to make a pose and make a peace sign. She even know how to take pictures using my mobile phone or our digital camera. She loves her own self captured photo.When we are at the church, she just love to drum and make some noise using the drumstick ( maybe she wants to be a drummer someday).

I am happy now that she is starting to grow up which is showed on her acts and in words too and became a mature and responsible girl even in a fun and humorous way and since she is still learning and curious enough on all the things that she needs to know, she easily managed to do it and easily remembered it. 

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