My Daughter is a Certified Camera Photo Addict

I was looking back at my daughter's photo when she was almost 1 year old and I was just amazed how she did grew fast and even at her young age, she already know how to pose in the camera and make a good shot. Well, I know she got this kind of "camera photo addict " talent and skills from her mom of course! LOL... and also her grandmom. The photo above was her famous naughty smile creating a  cutie pie look on her photo.

This one is her "Kiss Me Quick" close up shot. She just love the camera and make self captured photos of her own. And take note: she already know how to click the shutter of our digicam as well as my mobile phone and her papa's phone too. She just can't resist taking a pose and looking at the preview shots. 

This photo was edited by her beloved Fashionista Grandmom. She used a MagMyPic photo editor. I like this Magazine cover look of my daughter. Thanks Mom for editing this one. 

I took this pic when she was bathing on her little swimming pool on her cutie 2 piece suit. Oh! I just miss this swimming pool and her 2 piece cause she can't use it anymore... It's small on her now! 

This is her newest Model look shot. Photo courtesy of her Aunt Mhai which is also a certified camera addict. Hahaha! Well I still have lots of lovely photos of my daughter here.. I will just post some more soon..  Cheers! 

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