A New Blog Concerning Mothers

I came to know this new blog,Mom Conversations when they were one of the Major Sponsors of Kaye & Pehpot’s Blogversary contest. When I checked out the site, it has a very interesting topics which is very helpful for mothers like me. The title of the blog itself says that it has some useful information about parenting and motherhood.

This blog has an easy to navigate menus, its simple, and has a clear and coherent articles posted where it has some Featured Topics on their Health and fitness category where it tackles about How to Treat Hemorrhoids and also in pregnancy category of their blog where it features a topic on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks which is very helpful for mother’s who still have some stretch marks on their tummy. Some categories also of the blog also includes Babies where it features an advice on how to choose a handmade wooden baby toys.

They also feature some Hot Topics today where this giant and famous U.S. Chain Stores , Wal-mart and H&M have been discarding their returned or unsold goods directly to the garbage bags instead of bringing those un-disposable merchandise to donation centers or sample sales yet they opted to trash them.

I highly recommend this blog to all health conscious mom’s out there who wants the best for their family and loved ones.

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