YouSayToo Awards: My Greatest Dream Gift, Not for Myself but for the Glory of GOD

When I was checking out my email, I received a message from YouSayToo where they are hosting their YouSayToo's holiday awards for the 10 coolest blog authors and the Nine lucky bloggers will receive fun gifts of their choice and the first place winner will be rewarded with a $1,000 holiday dream gift!

I was thinking about my $1,000 holiday dream gift and this would be a new set of musical instruments. Our church, "Into the Hands of God Christian Fellowship" is a Born Again Christian Church which was pioneered by my Mother-in-Law who is our Senior Pastor.  It is a self-supporting church which was a legacy of my hubby's family. 

Me leading the Praise and Worship in our church 

I am the Praise and Worship leader of our church, while my hubby is the lead guitarist and my brother-in-law is the drummer and 2 other young people members are the base guitarist and in the rhythm guitar.

Our church musical instruments

Our church needs some additional set of musical instruments like an acoustic guitar, speaker, and amplifier. As a member of the music team, it is our need so we can properly perform in a good way in welcoming the holy presence of the Lord.

This time, I am not dreaming of a holiday vacation like traveling to another place or just buy some things that I want where only me can enjoy this dream gift from YouSayToo but instead, I would be happy to share it to my fellow church members and most specially I am doing this for God's glory so He will be Highly Exalted and Glorified.

On the other hand,YouSayToo is also giving out some gifts where bloggers can choose their fun gifts which was posted on their site. I had chosen this glamorous, retro-inspired webcam with a built-in microphone, a 1.3 Mega pixel with Tripod. My webcam has just been damaged because my daughter broke the lens so this cool retro webcam is a good replacement for my old webcam. 

YouSayToo's awards is very helpful to me if ever my blog will win because like what I had said before, I will spend this $1000 Holiday Dream Gift for the benefit of our local church and this will not only make me happy but also to all the members of our church and Best of all, our Lord Jesus Christ would happy for these generous love gift I will be giving out for His Glory. 

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