YouSayToo, A Great Site in Promoting your Blog!

I was looking for some social bookmarking and directory sites on some of my friends blog here and I came across this cool site called YouSayToo where I can add my blog and earn money out from my blog and I can also get so more traffic and visitors too.

Here are some Benefits you will get when you Add your Blog to their Site:

- Additional way to promote your content
- SEO & monetization done by professionals
- More readers and followers
- Extra revenue from your content
- Popularity on the web

How does it work?

1. You add your blog to the bloggers community
2. To make or donate revenue fill out your Revenue Settings
3. After adding your blog all new entries you make on it will be imported into your YouSayToo blog. Your old entries won't be imported
4. Your YouSayToo blog will help you get more from your content

Make Money Blogging with YouSayToo

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