Friends,I would appreciate your Comments & Ratings for my Blog Entry

On my previous blog post, I had posted a blog entry for YouSayToo Blog contest where I have to write what will be my $1000 dream gift. There will be 10 lucky blog entries which will be chosen. One will receive the dream gift while the 9 lucky bloggers will receive their chosen fun gift.

I am so thankful to God that my blog entry was one of the Top 20 blogs. Now my friends, I would appreciate your Ratings  and comments for my blog. This would really mean a lot for me since this is not for my self's satisfaction where only me will be happy for it but it is for the needs of our church particularly in buying some additional musical instruments. 

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I just need your rate/vote for my blog entry... 

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Thank You So Much and May God continue to Bless You More!

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