I Need A Blog Make Over!

I am using Ipietoon's Free Blogger Template named Paper Girl. It's a nice looking girl layout blog and it has an easy to navigate menus in it. I had been using this for several months now and I was wondering why this blog layout is having some errors in it specially when I post a new blog entry. 

I couldn't see my profile, links, shoutbox and other codes located at the right side of my blog. I just don't know what is going on with the layout of my blog here. That's why I am looking for a new blog template here that best suits my personality too. I like a light or hot pink blog template and I need your help my friends if you know a site that offers a free blog template which has lots of choices to choose from specially a fashion blog or a girly one. 

Your suggestions, advice and comments is highly appreciated my friends. 


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