I Receive a Special Donation worth $500 from YouSayToo

I just can't express my happiness when I saw admin's post in YouSayToo where they will be sponsoring our church in buying some additional musical instruments.

I joined their blog awards where I have to write a blog on what will be my $1000 dream gift and my blog entry was to help our church in buying a musical instruments.

Even though I did not win the 1st place which is worth $1000 , I am very much thankful to admin and their staff for their generosity in helping out our church. These is indeed a BIG help for us. 

Admin sent me an email and here's what he said:

Congratulations Kayeshayne21,

Even though you didn't win the first place prize in our blog awards we'd still like to help your church out. We were touched by your Dream Gift post goal and we've decided to sponsor the musical instruments you've specified in your Dream Gift post for the sum of $500. 

Here's the post fromYouSayToo's Site: 

I would like to Thank ALL my friends who supported me in rating my blog and made some comments in it. This means so much for us. God will continue to bless us MORE... ABUNDANTLY!

I am so blessed with these Verse: 

"Delight Yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"

Psalms 37:4

You see? These is my hearts desire... to help our church... I want to be a Blessing so I can be a Blessing to others. 

As a true follower and servant of the Lord, I am walking into God's Blessings. I always expect BIG Things because I know ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with GOD! 

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