I'm a Certified Pink Mobile Phone Lover

I just love PINK! and I admit that I am a Certified Pink Mobile Phone Lover. I just love having some pink gadget collections specially on my mobile phone. Some of this phones are slightly used which I bought in Ebay. Some of my phones I bought are also out from my online earnings. My phones doesn't last in my hand. It takes several months only and then I buy another pink one because I easily got bored on it. ;-) 

I usually sell my old phones in ebay and then buy another new or slightly used one so I can have some new look and features of my phone. I like some phone that has a unique look with features and of course its pink in color. Here's my pink mobile phones that I had used before and the phone that I am currently using right now. 

                                            My Nokia 6260 Pink Mobile Phone 

My 1st pink phone was the Nokia 6260 mobile phone. I bought it in Ebay and its original color was black. So I let it replaced  with a pink housing by a cellphone technician. I cant  do it on my own even if I had a mobile screwdriver tools because its so hard to replace its housing. This phone has its great features and specs. It has a good camera quality, with memory card, loud sounds, and easy to navigate menus with good connectivity when files are being transferred to pc.

                                                      My LG KG220 Pink Phone

My 2nd pink phone was the LG KG220. This was out from my hard work in my online earnings.This phone was originally pink in color when I bought it. This phone was absolutely cute and gorgeous. Its small and its like a blush on make up. This was really a  headturner because its one of the unique phones I had ever seen  ! However, its features are basic and simple because it only has a camera and its easy navigation of menus. 

My Panasonic VS2 Pink Mobile Phone

My 3rd pinky phone was the Panasonic Vs2. I also bought this phone out from my online earnings. Its original color was hot pink and It's indeed a  hot, slim, sleek and unique mobile phone. I had never seen anybody having this phone here. Though it lacks with features because it doesn't have a memory card but its still a good and reliable phone specially if you are looking for an easy to use basic phone. 

                                            My Sharp 705 Baby Pink Mobile Phone 

My 4th pink phone was the SHARP 705 baby pink mobile flip phone by SOFTBANK from Japan. I bought it slightly used inEbay and it has a 3G feature with micro sd memory card slot too. Its really a gorgeous, elegant, and shiny glossy phone and I also love this phone. 

                               My currently used pink mobile phone, Nokia F99i

This is my currently used pink mobile phone, a replica of Nokia F99i. I just bought it last week out from my online earnings last month. I bought it brand new here in our local cellphone store. It has a good and complete features like having a good camera quality, with loud music, an expandable memory and easy to navigate keys and menus. 

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