My BridesMaid is now the Bride

My Bridesmaid cousins: Allen, Kristine & Jhoanne

I remember way back on my wedding 4 years ago where my 3 cousins namely Allen, Jhoanne and Kristine where my bridesmaids. I am so glad that time they where there for my wedding even if they where miles away from our place. These cousins of mine were my close friends because we not only cousins but we are classmates during our high school days. 

                                                                    My cousin Allen

Last week, it was Allen's wedding and me and hubby were invited to their wedding and we are also one of their secondary sponsors. I was so happy to see my cousin was finally married! She used to be one of my bridesmaid and now she is the Bride! 

My pretty cousins

I also heard that my other cousin, Jhoanne (at the left side from the pic above) were also planning to get married this year. Hmmm....  I will hear another wedding bells coming! I am so excited to be there too on her wedding.

To my cousin Allen, Welcome to the world of a married life! I wish all the Best in life and Just remember this.... Always Place God at the center of Marriage. Love you Cuz! 

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