Our Life being a Free-Spirited Couple

Me and my hubby has been married for more than 5 years already and as a young couple, there is always been  the ups and downs, the happy and sad days of our lives that we experienced each and everyday. However, we had still able to manage and overcome this because of our free-spirited oneness of mind and heart.

I am more of an adventurous type, an outgoing kind who loves to travel and discover things that I like. I do have that flexible personality, an understanding heart and a patient attitude. While my hubby is somewhat opposite to me because he is more of a home buddy type. He just want to stay at home. He looks serious but deep inside he is a joker because he always make me smile when he tells his corny and funny jokes added with his outrageously funny moves and actions. He is the Jack of all trade. He possess a lot of skills and talents which I cannot do.

I am a stay at home mom and at the same an entrepreneur where we manage our own business together with my hubby. This is our primary household income and both of us are working together to make our business grow better just like our relationship that really grows stronger each and every day.

What makes us even more free-spirited? It's our passion for music. Me and my hubby are members of our music team here in our local church. We do have a church band where my hubby is the one playing the lead guitar and I am the singer/worship leader of our church. We do have a regular band practice every Saturday and we really enjoy each others company learning some new song to practice with, and tuning the chords and keys to blend and match with my voice to make it a perfect song when we play it for our Praise & Worship service of our church.

We are bind together in one free-spirited body and soul that is truly blessed and sealed with God's Love and Faithfulness.

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