Reminiscing those Good Old Days

I just wanted to share to you my friends some photos reminiscing those good old days of my childhood and teenage years. It's really nice to remember while looking back those times when we are still a kid because it has been a part of our life already. 


 The dirty kitchen. Oh I miss this one! The firewood where I used to put on a little gas to fire it. And my grandmother always want me to clean that black pan and pot. I was only 6 that time when my grandmother taught me how to cook using a firewood. 

The DeepWell Hand Pump. I remember I was so thin and small then when my grandma asked me  to get a pail of water in using these one. It's kinda hard for me to do it since its quite hard to push and lift in getting the water out. But its fun to do though! 

A old little bridge. Me and my childhood playmates used to go here while walking back and forth of this bridge and we used to go down in the creek and play.

The Forest. Since my hometown was called "The City of Pines", me and my high school friends would also love to stroll in the forest, taking some time to unwind and have a good laugh with them. 

Strolling Around. I just miss this one when I am with my high school classmates and friends. We love to stroll around, buy and eat something and of course looking for some cats! LoL! (you know what I mean) .

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