I Finally Received the $500 Donation from YouSayToo!

I was so surprised when I checked out my paypal account today as I had seen the $500 funds being deposited to my account. I had been waiting for these prize from YouSayToo's Awards where my My Blog Entry has been chosen by the admin of YouSayToo in supporting our church needs in buying some additional musical instruments.

This site really helps in promoting our blogs where we can reach thousands or even millions of readers in a small amount of time. Once you promote your blog, you'll quickly notice the traffic coming to your blog. When you promote your blog at YouSayToo's Adsense sharing community, you will notice a rise in readers and could expect an increase of bills in your wallet.

And aside from that, they do have a generous heart in supporting some charities with a noble cause, just like what they did in helping out our church. They really help people building and saving lives.

I am just waiting for the money to arrive in my bank account. It usually takes 4 business days so it will arrive hopefully next week by Tuesday. We had already canvassed for the musical instruments that we want to buy.

As you can see from the photos above, our drumset really need an additional and complete set of cymbals with stand. We just used a chair for the snare drum the cymbal stand was broken and it was rusty already.

We need a Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal Pack that includes a pair of 14 inch hi hats, 16 inch crash and a 20 inch ride.

We also need these four cymbals stand with pedal in it.

I will be posting an update on my blog post soon as we already bought this musical instruments. Thank you once again YouSayToo for your heartwarming support for us.

Truly God is moving in such a powerful way to those who remain faithful to Him.

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