Join The Flab to FAB Blogger Fitness Challenge!

This 8 week challenge will be held March 29th through May 23rd, and is the perfect kick start for you to get in awesome shape for summer! You will be competing against a select few other bloggers who will qualify as participants (approximately 6-10 total participants) for grand prizes which will be revealed later. Not to mention you could increase your blog readership and most importantly- INSPIRE OTHERS BY YOUR SUCCESS!

Way to win #1: Be the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss. (Averaged by pounds lost from your starting body weight.)

Way to win #2: Be the contestant with the most dramatic physical change. (Voted on by bloggers everywhere!)


- Bloggers with some weight to lose. Preferably with a BMI over 25.

- Bloggers with their own unique and specific approach to weight loss. The more details on how to plan to lose weight, the better. BOTH diet and exercise will need to be documented.

- Bloggers with a video camera/webcam.

- Bloggers who are determined, who show follow-through, and who are available for the entire 8 weeks to document their progress through blogging and vlogging (video blogging) on a personal “Flab to FAB” page.

We want you to step out from behind your computer screen and in front of a video camera! Every week we will feature a short “show” on the contest website which documents your successes, your failures, your crazy beautiful self- living large and eating less!

Each week, you will receive a challenge to be filmed (which will not require you to purchase any product whatsoever- probably stuff that will be fitness related and fun) and give you a few questions to answer- including your weight and sizes. You will video each of these things and email them in. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!! All editing will be done to make you look like a decent human being (no dirty editing poole here), but you must commit to get your videos in ON TIME. Otherwise, we will boot you out. Sorry- slackers need not apply.

For more information, Please visit the Flab 2 Fab challenge blog NOW!

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