Love Can Make You Lose Weight

I just read an article about how Love Can Make You Lose Weight but I will share my  personal experience about it.

Well, personally I consider that LOVE could help me lose my weight. I was actually slim and slender when I was on my teenage years but when I got married and had a baby already, I started getting bigger since I have no control in eating sweet, fatty and oily foods which are my favorites and I am very lazy doing some exercise.

I had tried taking some slimming capsules. It did work out for me but when I had stopped taking it, I am starting to crave for my favorite foods again. So, my hubby advice me to never take that slimming capsule again. He's been my great critic and commenter. Sometimes he just make a joke on me on what will I do on how to get rid of belly fats and flabby arms. It does make sense to me.I am not offended because it is the fact. But his LOVE and affection really shows that he cares for me and he shares his thoughts and advice through his funny humors and jokes. 

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