Me and My Daughter's Favorite Animated Movies of all Time!

Aside from my daughter's favorite educational learning videos and nursery rhymes, she also loves watching her favorite animated movies! And she really enjoys watching it all over again and I also can't resist in watching these movies since I also love it!

Here are some of our favorites:

 Monsters Inc.  - Well it's not only my daughter' favorite but its one of my top picks also. These monsters really look cute and it has a very good and entertaining story.

The best way to describe this movie in one word is:  fun! "Monsters, Inc." is a movie you can easily fall in love with. It has some great fun character, some awesome moments and some well placed comical moments. "Monsters, Inc." is entertainment at its bests.

The story itself is pretty simple but thats what makes it easy to follow and so much fun to watch. The movie not only knows how to entertaining but also knows how and when to emote. The combination of fun and emotional things is perfectly balanced and placed within the movie.

There is some great dialog but the true power of "Monsters, Inc." are the wonderful characters. Not is there only a wild variety of strange and weird characters but also some characters that are good for some serious laughs and Boo is simply adorable and a pretty fair representation of a kid in real life. Well done Pixar!

Pure entertainment for the entire family!

Flushed Away - Me and my daughter really enjoyed this animated movie! It has Great characters in it! A great job done from Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. It has lots funny moments,with exciting boat chases. A Great family film and choice bits for the adults to enjoy as well. We also love the singing snails here. It's a Good family film indeed!

Cars -Ka Chow! Oh I love this movie too...  Me and my daughter doesn't get tired of watching this movie all over again.I loved all of the characters and I had that same fuzzy feeling that I got from all of the other Pixar films. The story is actually very touching and what I really dug was that the main character, Lightning McQueen, really makes a change from the beginning of the film to the end of it and realistically speaking, that's what a good story always has, a big change. I hated him at first and by the end, he really proves himself to be a stand up guy (car, whatever...). Car nuts will love it, adults will love it and I'm sure the kids are gonna eat this one up.

Toy Story 1 and 2 - We just love this movie! Toy Story is not only the best Disney film because it has the best story and the best animation, but also because of the excellent actors chosen to provide the voices of the animals. The casting was perfect from top to bottom, and the movie provides an excellent adventure story about friendship and loyalty that keeps you engrossed until the nail-biting climax.

Toy Story is by far the best Disney film ever made, it's pretty much perfect. It's adventurous, it's exciting, it's entertaining, it's good for the whole family, it's got great characters, story, and plot, and above all, it's fun.

Ratatouille - The chef rat! We just love the script and the story. The entire irony of the story -- a street rat with a passion for fine food -- is beautiful, and a tight, smart,and the wonderful script flows from this movie. Though its not that funny at all but it is indeed an animated masterpiece in true Pixar form with breathtaking animation and visual design.

Shark Tale - It's a fun to watch film that's why me my daughter also loves this one. With an all cast characters of Will Smith, Robert De Nero, Jack Black and Angelina Jolie, The animation is superb and the hidden story lines/jokes make a truly intriguing story.

'Oscar' is a character a lot of people may relate to, he is in a dead end job, wants to be a character and make people laugh and dreams of living in a far off land getting everything he wants, the film takes us on the ride of what it is like to get it all, and shows its not all we imagine it to be, the rich can be upset to, and again be dreamers, this time of the life they had left behind.

Totally worthy of a 'worth see' movie.

Open Season - My daughter really enjoyed this film as much as I did also. Its Very clean, which was surprising since Martin Lawrence was in it, but so worth the time I spent watching it. It breaks your heart when Beth has to leave Boog in the woods but to see him overcome all the obstacles thrown in his path, is very amusing from the eyes of an animal. Aston Kutcher was hilarious as Eliot. I didn't realize he could be so funny and amusing. This movie I highly recommend to anyone with children regardless of their ages, if you want to spend time with your children in a clean environment.

Shrek - Of course any body knows him! We prefer watching the 1st movie because its more fun and entertaining.

Eddie Murphy was, no doubt, the perfect actor for him. He is so funny, so unique, and so... fluffy. What a perfect donkey! His design is flawless and his dialogue perfect. I can find nothing bad about this character.

Shrek is perfect for everybody to see. Your  little ones will love the vivid colors and lush landscapes. The adults will enjoy this as well as the intelligent humor and deep plot.

Shrek is brilliant moviemaking. With a groundbreaking DVD, an all-star cast, great music, excellent graphics, and a great parodized yet original plot and storyline, Shrek is no doubt one of the best movies we've  ever seen.

 Well that's it folks! I will be posting some more if we saw another new and entertaining animated films where we never gets tired of watching it all over again.

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