Mommy Moments - It's a Hotta Hotta Summer!

mommy moments

It's summer time here! Yes We could really feel the hot and warm feeling! If only we could go the beach every day to smell the breeze of the wind and spend some time together with our family. What's our plans this summer? Well of course we will go outside more often since my Mom will be coming home this May to spend time with us and she will rent a house for 1 month which is located right beside the beach! Isn't that a perfect summer? 

       That's my mom with my daughter when she had her holiday last year

    Tip: It's really nice to swim in the beach in the morning around 6 to 8 am 

My daughter doesn't know how to swim yet so its a good thing she had her baby float

                                               She loves the waves and the sand! 
           My daughter also loves swimming on her cutie inflatable pool

Well,  in my case I actually don't like swimming at the beach because I don't want to get dark. LOL! What I usually do when I am in the beach is I am just having some fun walking and writing something in the sand. 

What I also love when I am in the beach? Taking some Pictures! And of course I am the model.... hahaha!

Jump Up! I love this one... A nice shot of me and my friend... Beach with a very nice view is just amazing!

Since I don't like swimming at the beach during daytime, I prefer night swimming! It feels refreshing and you could really have a good night sleep in it. 

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