My Seven Heaven On Earth (SHOEs) for today

Here's My Seven Heaven On Earth (SHOEs) for today. Some things, places, events, items, and people in my life that I truly appreciate with and makes me feel happy, proud,and thankful for.

1. Today is another great day for my daughter to start the morning with her bathing time using our basin. She just love bathing outside while soaking and swimming inside the basin. I really enjoy looking at her while she is doing it

2. What's up next? She is now in the mood in wearing my high heels and ogg boots. She just love wearing my stuffs! Isn't that cute? 

3. I chatted with my cousin earlier who just got married last month and I am just happy for her because she is now married. She was my bridesmaid before (as you can see from the pic above, she is at the right side with me ) Now she was the Bride! 

4.  I asked a favor from my sister-in-law who lives in the U.S. to request a payout in because I have an earnings there worth $25 but since they don't pay a member who is not from the U.S. that's why I ask her a favor to do it. She had tried to request a payout but there has been some problems where she cannot transfer it to my paypal account. So she just said to me she will just send me the $25 using her own money from her paypal. And I was just surprise because she just sent me a $100! I am really thankful to my sister-in-law because she was just so kind to me. 

5.  Looking back at my hubby's unique talent and skills, Its been my hubby's family legacy since 1985 in making and sewing huge curtains for hotels, schools, politicians, businessmen, and for rich and famous people here in our city and to other places too.My father in-law does the main job on the planning and preparation,choosing the right tracking system or pole,  measuring and estimation of the  face fabric requirements, sewing the curtains and installing it. 

My mother in-law does the customer sales, my brother in-law does the pleating and cutting of the textile, and my hubby is the one assisting my father-in-law in sewing the curtain. Both of them does the hard job actually. 

I was just amazed how they do this kind of business. It is just unique for a family doing this kind of work and to think that men can do the sewing of curtain. I actually don't know how to sew using an electric sewing machine but my hubby and my father-in-law does it perfectly and it is a big money when its done. When it is a package deal where it includes the whole house including living room, dining room, bedrooms etc, that would usually costs around $2,000.

6. My brother in law and his wife Mhai came to visit us today and since they are my daughter's favorite playmates, they are having a fun time doing some wacky pics together. My daughter is just very happy every time they are here and that makes me happy too! 

7. I love editing some photos and these are some photos of me and my daughter that I had edited using Photoscape. This is one of my favorite past times because I love editing it before I will upload it to my social  networking sites. 

Well, this is my S.H.O.E.S. for today (Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things, events, places or whatever that I appreciate.) which is being treasured in my heart FOREVER. 

This is my entry for an additional "Catch Up with Points" in Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Contest.

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