My Seven Heaven On Earth

Here's another Seven Heaven On Earth of mine for today. The things, places, events, items, and people in my life that I truly appreciate with and makes me feel happy, proud,and thankful for.


1. I am so excited for my Mom's 1 month vacation this coming May 6 to June 5. This is gonna be an awesome and wonderful summer because my mom is here with us again! She works and lives in Switzerland and she usually have her vacation once or twice a year. I really miss my mom so much that's why I want to treasure and spend my time with her whenever she's with us. 


2. I love summer specially when we go to the beach. I actually don't like swimming at the beach because I don't want to get dark. lol! But I just love walking , writing in the sand, and taking some good shots in it. Now that my mom will be having her vacation, we will often go the beach since she loves swimming there! 


3. I love photography and these are some of my cool shots! I am not a professional photographer but I am trying my best to get a real good shot. I really like taking some pics specially on the beach because it looks so nice and wonderful. These photos are taken from Initao, Misamis Oriental.

4. Well, its not only me who loves photography but my mom does too! As you can see from the photos above, these are some of  her greatest photo captured ones. I really admire my mom's passion for photography too. These photos are taken from Opol, Misamis, Oriental. 
5. My hubby has been a guitarist and musician since he was a kid. Since he was Born Again Christian already and his family is the pioneering of our church. I am so proud of my hubby's God-given talent and skills. He is not only good in playing guitar but he can also play the drums, base and keyboard.

6. I am also thankful to God because I am using my talent in singing Praise and Worship to Him. Though I am not a good singer but with the Holy Anointing of God, I had able to usher and welcome the Holy Spirit of the Lord every time we do the Praise and Worship in our church. 

7. Who says its only us who has the passion for music? Well, look at our little one... She just love playing the drums and she also has her own little guitar! Here comes our future musician who will inherit our skills and talents which of course she will use it for God's Glory. 

Well, this is my S.H.O.E.S. for today (Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things, events, places or whatever that I appreciate.) which is being treasured in my heart FOREVER. 


This is my entry for an additional "Catch Up with Points" in Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Contest.

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