My SHOE for Today: My Seven Heaven On Earth

Here's My Seven Heaven On Earth (SHOEs) for today. Some things, places, events, items, and people in my life that I truly appreciate with and makes me feel happy, proud,and thankful for.

                                      My daughter's favorite sleeping position

1. I saw my daughter sleeping earlier with her favorite sleeping  position. I am really amused when I saw her sleeping like that. Actually my hobby also do that sometimes. Maybe she inherited that kind of sleeping position from her father. Isn't that cute?

                                                            Coins, Paper Bills!

2. I went out earlier to pay our water bills but before I go out, I counted some coins and paper bills out from our i-cafe's income because I used it in paying my bill and buy some of our needs.  These are just coins but when I counted it, hey! it has a  total amount of P2000!

                      My daughter enjoys watching at this animal bread design
                                            The Turtle and The Crocodile Bread

3. Before I go home, I usually buy some bread and just when I saw this cute and unique animal bread design, I immediately bought it to surprise my daughter. She was surprise indeed when she saw this but she don't want to eat it because she was scared of  it thinking it would bite her...LOL! She just enjoyed staring and looking at it as you can see from the pic above. It's only me and my hubby who ate it. hahaha! 

                                                              3 for P100 clothes

4. I admit it, I am a Certified Ukay-Ukay Addict. I love buying second hand items specially on clothes. I love to wear long blouses that's why I am happy I saw this lovely tops! I also love skirts because I usually use it in going to church. It's just 3 for P100! That's only 2 dollars!  Isn't that great? 

                           My Glamorous, Shimmering & Glittering P25 bag!

5. Would you believe I bought this bag in an Ukay-Ukay too? It's only P25! That's just 5 cents in dollars I think. And it still looks NEW! It's just a matter of timing when I bought it because I pulled it under a huge pile of bags. I just love this bag! When you bought this one in a boutique or mall, it would cost a hundreds of pesos! Thanked God I found this one. 

                                                         I'm Loving this sandals! 

6. One of my purpose why I do some shopping today is because I want to buy a new sandals preferably a black color to match in any color of the clothes I will be wearing. I'm glad I found this one. It's a new arrival and new design from Korea. This time its not from the ukay-ukay...LOL! I bought at P230 that's 5 dollars. Still cheap right? 

                                              A Cartoon Dvd's for my Daughter

7. I also bought an Animated Cartoon Collections and a Pre-school Power Educational Dvd for my daughter and she just loves it! She enjoys watching tv with her favorite cartoons in movies and some nursery rhymes and educational ones. 

Well, this is my S.H.O.E.S. for today (Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things, events, places or whatever that I appreciate.) which is being treasured in my heart FOREVER. 


This is my entry for an additional "Catch Up with Points" in Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Contest.

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