Now You Can Surf the Net Using Your TV!

When I was watching the fight of Pacquiao and Clottey yesterday, I saw an ad from SmartBro who are introducing its new device that allows Internet browsing through television (TV) sets.

I was curious enough on how this one works and how to use it and what are its pros and cons so I search about it and this is what I gathered.

The SmartBro SurfTV is a boxed set that comes with a keyboard, mouse, remote control and a Smart Bro USB modem. The box is connected to the TV through the RCA port, the port where you plug movie players. The set costs P4,500.

Surf TV allows users to browse the Internet and chat with friends. It can also play movies and music files stored in a portable USB drive that can be plugged into the box.Internet access costs P10 for every 30 minutes. 

It's quite interesting and easy to use and its a good choice for those who cannot afford to buy a pc. But for me, I still prefer using my laptop and desktop. How about you my friends? What can you say about it ? 

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