Oh My! We have No Internet Connection & We Experienced a Scheduled Daily Brown out/Black Out!

I really feel upset this time because of the fact that we have no internet connection for almost 2 days now! And we have an internet cafe business which is our only primary source of income and until today we are closed because we don't have an internet.

I am here in another i-cafe so I can just go online to check my emails and do my other online stuffs. I just went to PLDT My DSL's office to complain about my connection and they said they have an ongoing major repair within my area where I lived. Actually there are many of us including my neighbors who are complaining about this problem. I was wondering when it will be back? because they don't know when it will be fixed. 

And another huge problem we are experiencing right now? Its been a week that we have experienced a black out schedule here in our city. Last week, it is a scheduled black out every other day that usually takes 6 hours a day! and now its an every day schedule!

A New DAILY Brownout Schedules [March 5-10] due to the continuing power supply curtailments imposed by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines [NGCP] all over Mindanao, Philippines.

And it is so warm and so hot here in our place! When the schedule is during the day, our sweat is pouring! Sometimes we just go outside and go to a cool place to unwind at the mall.

I just really hate it. No internet. No electricity.  I hope it will be fixed soon.

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